Seven Quick Takes

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Jen, over at Conversion Diary hosts this every Friday. It might be fun. If I can think of 7 things. That remains to be seen.


Grief sucks. Enough said.


Why is it that when other people are stressed they "can't eat a bite", but when I am stressed I want to eat everything that is not nailed down? This is one of those "There are two kinds of people in the world......" things, isn't it?


McKid has decided her future career path.

McKid: Mama, I've decided what I want to be when I grow up. A spy!

Me: Oh, really. Do you know how you become one?

McKid: No. But I'm gonna go practice on the dogs.

At least she hasn't decided to be a vet and practice on the dogs.


I love Peter Kreeft. I am reading his book You Can Understand the Bible and thoroughly enjoying it. How can he see so clearly and write so clearly about everything? While I just muddle around.

Maybe because he doesn't have a 6 year old spy watching his every move.


You should really think about it before you decide to change your crochet-along project in midstream. I am a member of Ravelry, and one of the groups is a 12 inch crochet "block a month" crochet along. I started it in January, but decided this month that I hated the squares I had done. So I picked a different colorway, and have been trying to catch up by redoing all the squares from prior months. I'm loving the new squares, but wow! What a lot of work to redo them.

Sigh. It better be worth it.


I have not cooked a whole meal for my family in weeks. That has to stop. The budget is strained. Plus I'm losing ground (not a lot, just a little) in Weight Watchers. I don't expect to lose much weight in the next couple of months (see #2 above), but I'd like to stay where I am.

Cooking meals is what has to happen.


Off to one of my favorite places. My weekly hour of adoration. If you ever have a prayer request you'd like me to take and lay in front of Jesus for you, just let me know. I go every single Friday morning from 11-12.

There. Seven. Who'da thunk?


smock's seven:

1. i hate -- yes, hate -- the real housewives of atlanta. don't ask me how i know this.

2. i lurve the real housewives of new york. well, SOME of them. and yes, i lurve SOME yankees, can you believe it?

3. i watch way too much television.

4. i've lost "mirror, mirror" and am refusing to pick up another book until i find and finish it. i know, this would give mamaT apoplectic fits, but what's a girl to do?

5. i have got to go shopping for shoes for the smocklings. i don't like shopping for shoes for the smocklings. gasp! i just typed the words don't, like, shopping, and shoes in the same sentence.

6. i miss mamaT and i'm praying for her.

7. people say you can't pick your parents -- but you know what? you can't pick your kids either. hmmm...



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