Fine Art Friday - the Apple Edition (and no I don't mean a computer!)

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Casting about for inspiration this morning for Fine Art Friday, I was sitting at the computer eating an apple - my favorite fruit. So, I decided to do a subject themed FAF. Enjoy the apples!

First the iconic apple picture of our day. I don't get it. I don't even particularly like it, but it is compelling.


The Son of Man

Rene Magritte

Next we have one that reminds me of Magritte, a little anyway.


Reappearance of Affinity

Rafal Olbinski

I guess that every single one of my FAF must have something by Warhol in it. I'm being converted against my will. I am quite drawn to his images.



Andy Warhol

Here's something I like very much. I love the colors (I know art shouldn't "match your house", but this one does!). I love the simplicity. I love the almost "childlikeness" for want of a better word.


Still Life With Green Apples

Norman Wyatt, Jr.

Next, the calmest picture of the bunch. Don't you think of calm when you look at this artist's works?


Wolf Rivers

Andrew Wyeth

I had never seen this before (like that's a surprise - we could have huge books of things I've never seen before!). I like it.


Apple Tree

Gustav Klimt

And finally, my favorite. Cezanne painted a boatload of paintings with apples in them. I could have done a FAF entry just on Cezanne and apples. My kind of guy.


Apples and Oranges

Paul Cezanne

Happy Friday, yall!


the son of man reminds me of daniel day scrumptious in "the unbearable lightness of being" -- now that's tasty.

I've got a few more apples for you:

So cool! Thanks, Bruno!

I purposely left out the Garden of Eden apple pictures, thinking they would be a good subject for a future FAF entry.



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