Pretty Pattern Tuesday Wednesday


I seem to be stuck on doily patterns these days. I am fascinated by them, and think that the women who can do them are the true artists of the crochet hook. Tension is crucial in threadwork: too loose and you get a wavy, misshapen thing, but too tight will drive you insane trying to get the hook into the teeny, tiny stitches.

I own steel crochet hooks, but I haven't used 'em much. Maybe I'll pick up a ball of thread at Hobby Lobby and give the doily another whirl.

I won't, however, start with this one. But anyone who wants to try it should come over to my house and I'll sit on the couch with them and watch!

Anyway, here's a picture of this week's pattern:


It's called the Giant Sunflower Doily, and you can find it HERE. It's over at the Crochet Memories site, and there is a lot of cool stuff over there.

Oh, and if you are still not sure about making doilies? You can take at least some of the patterns (not the most intricate ones), do 'em up in cotton yarn and use 'em for placemats or hot pads.

Happy Tuesday Wednesday, ya'll!



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