7 Quick Takes for Friday

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I have worked myself nearly to the bone (ha! would that that were true!) this week, trying to catch up on financial work for the parish that has fallen behind following my dad's death in April. One more diocesan report to do this morning, and I will be as caught up as I can be at the moment. At least with reports. Then I can mush forward with my attempt to regularlize my work, going up to the church one day a week to work. Doing that will keep me on track and keep my volunteer work in this area from bleeding over into my house. I'm not sure how this will play out in the summer with the McKid here, but we'll see.


I love my air conditioner guy. He was here when he said he would be, and, thanks be to God, it was only a bad capacitor (whatever that is) and a pound of freon to fix the problem. A little more than $250, and we're back to cool. Or, cool-ish. Hurray for guys who work out in the screaming hot to keep my life nice. There will be a special place in heaven for them. And I hope I get to serve them there. It would be my joy.


This morning the news of Michael Jackson's death was on the front page of our paper. That's not particularly weird. But the headlines were more than an inch tall and his picture took up all the space above the fold. I mean, seriously, it was "war headline" big. Really, Star-Telegram? Really?


I nearly snorted cereal and milk up my nose though, reading the paper this morning. (Now that's an attractive picture, no?) Advertisers have taken to buying stickers that are stuck on the front page of the paper. Today's ad is for a "Seized and Forfeited Assets Auction". And what, you ask, might they be selling? Jewelry seized from narcotics dealers, fine art from Dali, Chagall, Picasso and other flashy items [emphasis mine] to be liquidated piece by piece regardless of cost or value.

Don't you just love that? Dali, Chagall and Picasso are flashy items. I think from here on out, I'm renaming it "Flashy Art Friday" instead of "Fine Art Friday". Whatta ya think?


All the commenters on Amazon were right about Not Buying It by Judith Levine. Her idea is interesting. Her implementation and take on it is frustrating. And I'm already tired of the Bush-bashing, which is her fall back position on everything. Oh, except for the times when her position is "the government ought to pay for everything I want to partake of so it'd be cheap." Sigh. I mush onward, though, 'cause the journey is both interesting and maddening.


A free weekend! Theatre Arlington tonight with my dear PapaC, NOTHING on Saturday (did you hear that? NOTHING!), church and baseball game on Sunday. Doesn't that sound perfect to you? Does to me!


You know the Zman is a good guy when he gets out of bed on his day off school to come and work with the McKid on learning to ride her bike with no training wheels.

That's my boy!

And you can read the rest of the Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. Go on, it's fun to peep into others' lives!


Your weekend DOES sound perfect. I'm working both days but just a few hours each day - so not bad at all. Enjoy your weekend; thanks for stopping by my blog!



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