Fine Art Friday

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So, today it may be 103 degrees! While we always hit that temp in the summer, it's really a little early for it. Last year we had a nice summer--it didn't reach 100 until sometime in August, which is pretty unheard of. But on days like today, we are thankful for our sweet air conditioner repair men (Thank you, John!) and for tall glasses of iced whatever, and wonder just how the heck did people do this when there was no air conditioning, no ice, and, heaven forbid, no shorts to wear!!!! If I had to live through this in a long cotton dress? Well, you'd probably have to wrap me up and bury me.

So, we're thinking about WATER. In particular, swimming pool water. And here are two retro prints that capture the essence of the Summas.


At One of Roger's Swimming Pools
No artist credit

And then one of the Summas themselves. You always wanted to see us together, didn't you?


Poolside Chat
Jacqueline Osborn

Happy Friday, ya'll!


And petticoats! You weren't modestly dressed without the petticoats! Makes me sweat just thinking about it. Or I guess it makes me glisten just thinking about it, since sweating is for horses and perspiring is for men. :-)

we're lookin' good.



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