Another Pretty Pattern on Tuesday

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Another easy-p crochet pattern. These look so useful! I throw apples in my bag and then just give them to my children all the time. Just like that. All bag germy and banged from cohabitating with whatever else is in there. I think an apple cozy per child will help build my crochet muscles to a hat per child, as well. Or at least embellish some knit hats with crochet...


The pattern is a free download here at Ravelry. You need to be a member, but if you knit or crochet or like patterns and aren't on Ravelry, you need to do that anyway.


this is fun. even the smock could sink her teeth into this one. okay, bad pun, but still an adorable idea.

I was laughing at the hamburger outfit and subsequent exoectant mama quips, but I bout fell out of my chair when I saw the apple cozy.



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