the smock hates hot -- and other narrowly nifty observations

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it's hella hot here in sunny, sticky tejas. . .not that there's anything wrong with that. ah, heck, whom'ikiddin? it SUX. and now i'm gonna hafta drop a dollar in mamaT's cuss box, but it's worth it. because the smock absolutely hates hot. yes, hates. as in, the smock hates hot almost as much as she hates the dixie chicks. so you know i mean business.

while i can't blame the heat for my prolonged absence from the summa's pretty pink pages -- in fact, it is surprisingly and refreshingly cool here in blogdom -- i can blame (1) my desk top computer for going kerblewy, (2) smocdkdaddy's desk top for following suit and going kerblewy two days later*, and (3) the smocklings, gleefully taking up every waking moment of my time that they possibly can since (a) school is out for the summer and (b) there are no more computers left around here to kerblow up.

actually, other than trying to keep the peace in the smockmaison (not as easy as one may think), growing a baby** aaannd reading beaucoups of my new "fave" author, dean koontz, i haven't been up to much over the past few weeks. at least, not any more exciting than nursing chronic (pregnancy-hormone-related) tension headaches and a urinary tract infection. sounds like a gas, huh? well, several prescriptions later, i am feeling much better. thanks for askin'.

did you know that alex baldwin, bless his little pinko communerd heart, is gorgeous now? i mean, holy macanoly. the man has gained about twenty pounds, totally upping his cuteness factor, and has joined a sit-com which, from what i can tell from only two episodes, has fairly clever dialogue, thus totally highlighting alex's heretofore untapped delightfully dry wit. so, my question is, hey, when did all this adorable sexiness kick in? and, why wasn't i informed?

oh! on a totally unrelated note, i did just read an attention-grabbing article about a man in terlingua, texas (yes, the home to the famous annual terlingua chili cook-off) who totally lives off the grid. oddly, i'm both intrigued and icked out by this man's adventure in alternative living. i'm not icked out so much by the fact that he uses a solar oven (salmonella, anyone?) as i am by the fact that he poos directly in his yard. there. simply. are. no. words.

excepting the terlingua part, of course, because it's just such a fun word to say. terlingua. ter - ling - wah. ter - ling - gwah. g'head, say it out loud. you know you want to.


* i mean, what are the odds of that?
** did you know the smock is expecting baby number seven? totally. due in november, yeeHAW!



Congratulations on #7, Smockmama! =D

Wooohooo! Congratulations on the newest smockling!

I've been watching 30 Rock on Netflix on demand, and am captivated by Mr. Baldwin, against my will.

He is also fab on TCM where he does a recurring feature with Robert Osborne called "The Essentials".

I like him. I don't want to, but I do.

But that's only on TV. I would smack him in real life.




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