the smock is ALL over this . . . as soon as she can convince mamaT to make some

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i don't even care that this recipe came from a yankee website, i think it's a brilliant idea. in fact, i think the only thing mas coolio than bacon krispies might be a big ol' plate of bacon wrapped bacon. seriously. but since i have no business trying to make sweets (i'm the sorta mom who just says, here let's just eat the cookie dough so we don't have to turn the oven on and get all hot in here), i'm hoping to convince mamaT to make some for her godsons ... winkwink.


"Yankee" author of said blog and recipe here, glad you liked the recipe. They really are pretty good. As I said in the comments, you might want to up the amount of bacon a little bit. I also heard from someone else who made these that a little maple syrup or brown sugar mixed in is good too.

If YOU will eat them, I will make them.

Not this week, as I have a bostload of work to do before parish council meeting on Thursday, but I will make them the next week.


We could ask LaMa to come over, too. But I'm afraid she would gag.

i'm seewwwww excited! ...that (1) mr. dave graced us with his kind suggestions (and i'm ALL about the brown sugar addition, btw) and that (2) mamaT is gonna mix us up a batch. i think laMama would be adventurous enough to try it -- she IS spicy after all. =0)



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