You know it's not a good start to the morning.....

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.....when your first call of the day has to be to the air conditioner repair guy! Help me, John!

Then the dog threw up all over my files that I stupidly had stacked on the floor. Why she wandered through the entire house to find the one place that it would be absolutely gross for her to throw up in, well, you've got me.

I had some more elevated thoughts to share with you this morning, but they've been driven from my head by heat and vomit.

And doesn't that sound lovely?


so. not. good. of course, i'm opting for heat as i'll be taking the smocklings to the water park today. 110 degree heat index. WHAT was i thinking?

i'll offer a quick prayer for your air conditioning. who's the patron of that? i'm guessing the saint who quipped, "you can turn me over now, i'm done on this side."

So not cool. I hope the day gets better for you.

I began with vomit too, though at least the toddler had the grace to vomit in the high chair. And seemed to feel just fine afterward.

you can turn me over now, I'm done on this side."

I think that was St Lawrence.

It was! St Lawrence is my husband's patron.

It is insanely hot. I hope John was speedy and you're nice and cool currently. If not, come on over.

Gah, Doggy !



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