7 Quick Takes for Friday

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I am almost sure that I have crochet ADD. I love to look at patterns. I love to START things. I just have a serious problem with follow-through. I have about 5 projects "on the hook" spread out all over my house. All in various stages of completion. This is ridiculous. I have done this before and had managed to restrain myself for a couple of years, keeping only 2 projects going at a time. (I am physically incapable of doing just one at a time. As soon as I try THAT I do nothing.) But 5 or 6? Silly. So I've pulled them all out. Bagged them in carrying bags and resolved to start nothing new until I've finished what's started.


Finished Brother Odd by Dean Koontz while sitting out at the swimming pool yesterday. Liked it very much, but I'm an Oddie fan. Smock's right. Book one of the series? GREAT. Book two, not so good. Book Three (the one I just finished), good again, though not as good as the first, quite. Smock brought me book four yesterday afternoon. Can't tell about it yet.


One reason I like Dean Koontz and the Odd books? Humor. Here's something that made me snort Diet Coke up my nose:

The beauty took my breath, the way the snow fell and yet the night was still, the intricacy of the simplicity. Although the night would have been even more beautiful if she had been here to share it with me, for a moment all was well, allmanner of things were well, and then of course someone screamed.

Just that juxtaposition. Perfect.

And it so perfectly encapsulates my life at the moment.



Does everything really tend toward more and more disorganization and chaos? My house would argue that this is true. Left alone for even a second, stuff appears out of nowhere (OK, seemingly nowhere) and appears on top of every horizontal surface in the house. At CasaS we call this the law of "horizontal magnetization" which means that every single horizontal surface is magnetized to attract maximum amounts of clutter.

I don't know what law of physics this is, but I'd be honored to have it called the MamaT hypothesis.


Zman and TBC are taking McKid to Hurricane Harbor today. I think that's nice of them.
I, on the other hand, am cleaning out Sunday School rooms at the church.

Does that seem fair to YOU?

Me neither.


In the interest of budget cutting, we are trying to buy less diet drinks and drink more iced tea. I like it, but I miss the bubbles. I miss the bubbles even more than I miss the sweet taste. Do you think that I was really addicted to carbonation? Is that possible? Do you think there's a 12 step group?


Watched The Diving Bell and the Butterfly this week. Not my favorite movie of all time, though I thought it was interesting. Probably this is the wrong time in my life to watch sad things. I should change the order on my Netflix queue. Stat!

And that's my 7 for today!

Read the rest via links over at Jen's place. It's always interesting to see what other folks are doing!


ABSOLUTELY, you can be addicted to carbonation. frankly, i think it's a conspiracy. j/k. but i've heard that some people trying to cut out soft drinks will switch over to that bubbly water stuff. ick. just ick. but honestly, i am so addicted to carbonation ... not to mention carbs. oh, let's just not go there.

diving bell WAS an interesting flick. but i agree, it has to be viewed at an appropriate time. it's like when i watched both "away from her" and "the savages" after my stepmother passed away from complications with alzheimer's and my stepdad passed away from severe vascular dementia. not two of my better movie-viewing choices, although i have to admit they offered very valuable venting episodes (read: crying jags).

can't wait to hear your thoughts on odd hours!



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