Fine Art Friday


This week's entries are things that struck me when I looked for images of cooking/food/food preparation. It's a mixed bag!

I picked the first one because it would look awesome hanging in my current kitchen and I wish I had it!


Much Ado About Cooking
Louisa Bellis

This second image I picked becuase of its whimsy. And, frankly, some of the things I have cooked in my day have looked little better than the dish this chef is offering!


Cooking Frog
Dot Bunn

I picked the third entry because I love, love, love vintage illustration, and this family is having such a good time:


Cooking Pancakes
John Bull Magazine, 1950

Next, a most traditional image, but so beautiful:


Still Life of Cooking Utensils, Cauldron, Frying Pan and Eggs
Jean-Baptiste Chardin

The most surprising of the images:


The Kitchen
Pablo Picasso

From the guy I can't help liking, even though it goes against my grain:


Andy Warhol

And finally this image, because the Smock wouldn't have it any other way! (And I don't get the title, since that doesn't appear to be what the picture is really about.)


Robert Hoglund

Happy Friday, ya'll!



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