7 Quick Takes for Friday

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The beginning of school has kicked my routine into high gear, but it's a gear I haven't been in for several weeks. Hence my absence here. I'll get more used to it as the days progress, and I hope to blog more in the future. That could be either a curse or a blessing, a promise or a threat. Depends on your perspective.


Finished Odd Hours by Dean Koontz. I liked it a lot. I think he's headed to an interesting place--he has a clear end in mind for the Odd books, and I think I know where he's going, but I'm keeping my guess to myself so I won't look like an idiot if I'm completely off the wall. I have a couple of quotes I'll share with you from the book later, but first I have to get 'em copied into my quote journal/commonplace book.

And yes, I'm hand writing them. It forces me to slow down and think about what I'm saving.


McKid loves back to school, but it kicks her tail for the first week or so. After a very lazy, unstructured summer, school takes a lot of energy. Even when you're a high energy kid like her.

Her school gets out early every Friday, and she's at home with me, lying on the couch and soaking up the rest. She'll be back to herself in an hour or so, then watch out!


Groceries seem to be getting higher and higher. It's gotten to the point where I am going to start shopping at WalMart for everything but meat and produce. They are just SO much cheaper! A grocery chain new to THIS area, Aldi's, is going in not far from me. I hear they are cheap. I hope so. My budget could use some help.


I crocheted 2 Christmas presents this week. Woo Hoo!


OK, so I gave the Smock the afghan I crocheted for Smockling#7, so I guess ya'll can see it now:

Allenkid#7 Blanket

I'm not sure the colors show up well. It is BRIGHT green, BRIGHT pink, BRIGHT purple, BRIGHT blue, trimmed in white. Since we won't know where the Smocking is a boy or a girl until he or she gets here, I had to do something that would be neutral.

OK, so maybe NEUTRAL is the wrong word. It's cuter in person than in this picture, and I think the Smock liked it.


Started a great book this morning: Dwight Longenecker's Adventures in Orthodoxy. I knew it was good when I realized that if I had had a highligher with me I would have highlighted all but about 2 words of the Introduction.

Happy Friday, ya'll! And check out the rest of the 7 Quick Takes entries over at Jen's Conversion Diary.


the smock LOVES the baby's blankie, but gabby totally highjacked it until i threatened her with bodily harm. i had to hide it. o_0



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