Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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My littlest one will be two on February 12 (a birthday she shares with our MamaT!). That her big day is so close to St Valentine's Day makes me want to Valentine the heck out of everything to do with her birthday. Hearts, red, pink, sweets, the whole nine. This may get annoying as she gets older, I checked with with MamaT just to make sure, but I'm enjoying the themeyness wholly while it lasts.

This bunny pattern delighted me for her Valentine/Birthday creation. It's a Japanese pattern, by way of a French blog, with a free pdf link in English! Bravo!

It's a simple pattern, as well. I made these Mama and Baby bunnies for her with my very limited crochet abilities in just a few days:


The red yarn I used came from MamaT, so they're fused with extra birthday goodness. Can't wait to give them to my Mila!


i will be looking for one with greer rose's name on it in her easter basket. hinthint.

Oh, no. There is ANOTHER cute thing in the works for the Easter baskets!



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