Thursday, Beautiful Thursday


Saturday is my little Jacob's seventh birthday; also our anniversary of parenthood. May 15th marks a totally new chapter for us, as different characters almost. Each of my children's birthdays are so very special and choke me up every time, but his hits especially hard. I love that it usually falls Mother's Day week. I love who he is and the time in our lives that he was sent to us. He makes me laugh daily, he endlessly impresses me. He couldn't be a better big brother. I miss him when he's sleeping. Jake is my side-kick and very often my hero. He showed me first what the strongest love I've ever felt feels like, Mother Love. I'm indescribably blessed to be his mama.

AND SO, my entry for beautiful Thursday is this photo taken on the day we met, in honor of Jake's big day.


Feliz Cumple, Bubs!



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