I am such a sucker for lists....

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...of all types (well, except for lists of the work I've gotta get done). But point me in the direction of "The Ten Best....whatevers" and I'm there.

So, that in mind, here are a few lists YOU might want to check out.

Over at Aggie Catholics, they are working on a list of Top 50 "Catholic-Themed" Movies. Not necessarily about Catholics, but with a Catholic sensibility. Their list can be found HERE.

Anthony Esolen, over on the Touchstone Magazine blog "Mere Comments", goes a little further and proposes his list of Top 50 Christian movies. You can find his list HERE.

Then, not to leave the small screen out, Mr. Esolen comes up with a list of the Top Eleven Christian Television Shows. I think you might be surprised by some of the picks. Reading his reasons are interesting, and I find myself concurring with all but one.

Anyway, there's lots of fodder for the Netflix queue on those lists!


We are suckers for lists too. Check out Listiki. Listiki is an online realtime collaborative list creation tool that allows you to create and share lists with friends. It's all in realtime and fun to use!



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