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Here is an oldie-goldie, Petula Clark singing "My Love". I love the peppy little tune. I love pondering how warm our love would have to be around here to be "warmer than the warmest sunshine". But most of all I like seeing how she dressed to sing her song on TV. FAB.

Dare to you get this out of your head after you listen to it!


I love the shoulder action!

I just love everything about her there... as I do today when she's in concert or on the tv.

Petula, the pop pixie with the magic touch. She's brightened people's lives for very nearly 70 years and keeps on with concerts booked for next year. Her love has indeed been warmer than the warmest sunshine.

BTW: She hates that song!! and she still has to sing it because it was a number 1, and she recorded it in 4 languages.



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