MamaT's Pretty Flip Flop (Yes, there is such a thing!) Tuesday

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Look, I love living in Texas. I have never lived anywhere where it wasn't HOT in the summer. There isn't anywhere that I consider living that it isn't HOT in the summer. So a girl's got to learn to deal with it.

Most Texas girls deal with it by never putting a non-sandal-shoe on their feet from May through September. Except for when I'm working out and HAVE to wear my sneaks, I wear sandals of some sort 100% of the time from here through September.

And flips are the sandals of choice. Lots of days I wear my FitFlops, with their nice support (plus they are pretty much waterproof, etc.). But I wear other flips when I'm not just hanging out.

Here are 3 pair that I would LOVE to own. They are all made by O'Neill, and all are available on Zappos, of course.

Who can live without a metallic sandal? Not me. I have silver and bronze in my closet now, but maybe I need to add this gold one? It's called the Foxy 2010, and I say, yes, sir, it is!


I love the swoopiness of the thong on this one, Plus, I had to pick it, just becuase of its name. This one is the Mama Cita:


And finally, the one I am dying to own. Love, love, love this look. So different. So cool. Great name, the Maui Wowie:


Go slip your toes into some super sandals.

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


I'll take a pair of each. The thought of living somewhere where I can't wear sandals through the spring gives me the heebs a little.



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