Thursday, Beautiful Thursday

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This spring, at last, I have my own little craft table. My desk and it's drawers are piled with things-to-do and vases of knitting needles, crochet hooks, drawing supplies. My bedroom shelf is piled with fabric and button jars. My living room has baskets of works-in-progress throughout it. My family is very patient with me, bless their lil hearts, as Smock would say. But still I was over-taking the kitchen table and coffee table when I need to spread stuff out. So! This spring we secured each family member their own desk, down to the toddler. I loved seeing them organize and set up their spaces so differently. Plus! This meant that the table in our homeschool room is free for the spreading out of stuff, ahem, my stuff.

So my beautiful Thursday entry is this little space of my own, across from five desks in graduating sizes, where I can spread out when I want, and walk away without cleaning if I want. Ahh!


Makes me so happy. Those suitcases I found at a garage sale for a dollar each last weekend, they excited me so very. And MamaT! Does my bead bin look familiar?

Happy Thursday, all!


LOVE IT, love it, love it!!!!!

A tiny place of one's own. Yay!

(Glad you love the beads and bin!)



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