Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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I'm always on the hunt for super easy sewing patterns; something about the machine freaks me out a little and my skills are sadly limited.

This little video is a tutorial for a baby, toddler or preschooler dress from a pillowcase. So easy. And so repurposey. I stocked up on ribbon and brickbrack and my girl is set with house-dresses and swimsuit cover ups for the year.

Here she is in a pillowcase that I shrunk several years ago:




Cutie, cutie!

(And the dress is ubercute, too!)

They have these on sale over at the Brownstone Village Shops for $15 each. Maybe you need an Etsy shop.

They also made some out of super cute bandana fabric. LURVE.

greer rose will take one in pink, please. =0)

She shall have it!

Bandana fabric is such a cute idea. Mila needs one with rope ties and cowgirl boots! Squeep!



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