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Pretty Pattern(s) Tuesday

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I've got a three-fer today of selfish patterns! All things I'm making or plotting for me. Memememe.

The first is a shawl I've got on the sticks, and am loving knitting.


It's a great pattern. Quick and addicting. I'm knitting it in a purple/gray/brown variegated merino sock yarn that is tops. You can get the pattern right here.

Next is this dreamy cardi that I can't wait to start:

Check out the clever secret pockets:


It's knit in a merino/silk/cashmere yarn that I'll never be able to afford. I adore the color, though. Pattern available aqui.

Finally! The Mamy Bag:


Too adorable. Olive it so very much. And a free pattern to boot. I just need a French brush-up...

Fine Art Friday


We took the kids to a short little doc on Van Gogh at the Imax this afternoon, it was pretty well done and it reminded me of his Reaper, which I love so and used to frequently stare at.


Happy weekend, y'all!

Thursday, Beautiful Thursday



Craft Circle! So many beautiful projects and lovely people and cookies. If you're local, come join us next month. Craftiness is optional.

Monday Music

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This is a clip from an old movie called Serenade. I think it is so lovely. And who hasn't wanted to burst out the Ave Maria in an acoustic filled chapel with a private organ accompaniment.

Oh, Mario.

Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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I'm always on the hunt for super easy sewing patterns; something about the machine freaks me out a little and my skills are sadly limited.

This little video is a tutorial for a baby, toddler or preschooler dress from a pillowcase. So easy. And so repurposey. I stocked up on ribbon and brickbrack and my girl is set with house-dresses and swimsuit cover ups for the year.

Here she is in a pillowcase that I shrunk several years ago:



Some More Monday Music


If Mason Jennings has written a bad song, I haven't heard it.

This spring, at last, I have my own little craft table. My desk and it's drawers are piled with things-to-do and vases of knitting needles, crochet hooks, drawing supplies. My bedroom shelf is piled with fabric and button jars. My living room has baskets of works-in-progress throughout it. My family is very patient with me, bless their lil hearts, as Smock would say. But still I was over-taking the kitchen table and coffee table when I need to spread stuff out. So! This spring we secured each family member their own desk, down to the toddler. I loved seeing them organize and set up their spaces so differently. Plus! This meant that the table in our homeschool room is free for the spreading out of stuff, ahem, my stuff.

So my beautiful Thursday entry is this little space of my own, across from five desks in graduating sizes, where I can spread out when I want, and walk away without cleaning if I want. Ahh!


Makes me so happy. Those suitcases I found at a garage sale for a dollar each last weekend, they excited me so very. And MamaT! Does my bead bin look familiar?

Happy Thursday, all!

Pretty Shoe (F.F!) Tuesday


The high is 97 today, the kids and I will be spending the day at the pool. It's so delightfully empty before school lets out, it must be cherished. On my feet will be $2 Old Navy flips, but I did a little less-reasonable rubber ff shopping this morning in honor of Tuesday.

I think these are so different and becoming:




And a Summa pink, por supuesto:


All are by Sanuk and found at Backcountry.

Happy Tuesday! Stay cool!



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