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weird al and donny osmond? pacman. earl grey tea. stationary rims. fabulous. i totally identify. help!
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sorry, you're too thin

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MADRID (AFP) - Excessively skinny fashion models will be barred from a major Madrid fashion show later this month for fear they could send the wrong message to young Spanish girls, local media reported...

well, it's about time. finally someone thinks that the health of their nation's young girls is more important than having abnormally thin models slink down their runways. it's a shame that our own American fashion peddlers don't do the same.

about a week ago, i overheard my daughters grace (6) and glynnis (8) arguing about whether a slice of chicken or cheese had more calories. i asked them if they knew what calories were, and glynnis said, "they're what make you fat." duncan (10) corrected her, "no, if you eat more than you need, they can make you fat." i don't think i'd even heard the word "calories" at their age. what is going on?


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little miss sunshine. i've seen this movie twice at the theater and paid full price both times. nuff said? no children allowed (it's rated R for a reason) but it is very, very funny. mamaT, let me know when you can go with. i am ready to see it yet again. this family is painfully dysfunctional. it's the sort of dysfunction that would bring you to tears if it was your family, and i'd be a liar to say we don't have a few of these characters in mine, but it manages to make you laugh out loud most of the time because it's just so miraculously subtle and over the top at the same time. paul dano is flawless as an adorable angst ridden teen and abigail breslin is just plain adorable as olive. although an indie, it has a happy "hollywood" ending. go and see. now.

the illusionist


smockdaddy and i went to see the illusionist tonight. starring edward norton, paul giamatti, and jessica biel, this movie is captivating in every sense. the movie is especially attractive with starkly contrasting scenes ~ palace scenes versus stage scenes ~ given in these sepia tones that constantly remind us that this is a period piece. and of course, the main characters are easy on the eyes as well. the tagline of the movie is "nothing is what it seems" for a reason. and the story, which is mostly told as a flashback, takes several twists and turns so that the viewers aren't exactlly sure who or what to believe. is it a murder mystery? a love story? a psychological thriller? yes. and, as a woman who prides herself on deciphering plots ten minutes into a movie, i was pleasantly surprised by the illusionist's ending. i don't want to spoil the plot, so i'll simply end with this: this is the movie that my sweet shyamalan should have made.



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