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another clinton conspiracy?


poor michelle obama. one cannot help but cringe with a bit of embarrassment over michelle's toxic veggie nightmare. it's no surprise that the white house publicists are trying to downplay the inconvenient faux pas, especially considering the fact that they made such a grand ta-da about michelle and her little organic veggie victory garden and how green and hip and earthy the obama's are, but to blame the clinton administration? isn't that just a bit much?

Michelle Obama's toxic veggie nightmare: White House organic garden polluted with sludge

smock's music for monday


hands down my favorite chris isaak song -- performed live. this (very young) mr. isaak is as delightful to watch as he is to listen to. enjoy!

last week sorta sucked for the smock, but even the dark cloud has a silver lining. on wednesday my vehicle went kerplunk. not one, but both of my batteries died. ever had to pay to replace a battery on a diesel? how about two? yeah, not fun. anyhoo...

what i thought was a transmission fluid leak for the past several months -- that can wait, right? -- was actually a fuel leak. so, while my mechanic was replacing the batteries, he found the fuel leak. right next to something with a big name that shoots sparks. he tells me it's a miracle that the engine hasn't caught on fire. so, after all of this time cursing the fate of having to replace my batteries, it looks like my hefty guardian angel was really looking out for me.

so then i had to pay to replace this fuel line thingie. also not fun. but again, the saints were smiling, as my mechanic offered to replace the fuel thingie for cost. no labor. have you ever had a mechanic offer to take off over $150 worth of labor (i know this because i peeked at the invoice before they revised it -- they never would have told me how much it was, they aren't like that) out of the kindness of their heart?

so, thanks, barnabas. you rock!


Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom God's love committs me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light, to guard, to rule, and guide. From sinful stain Oh keep me free, And in each hour my helper be.

rumor has it that hugh jackman is set to star in the "avon man" movie; this avon lady, for one, thinks it's a great idea.


say whatever you will about billy bob thornton, the man was operating at genius levels when he wrote, acted in, and directed slingblade, an incredible masterpiece of southrun storytelling. the soundtrack is nothing to sneeze at either.

vaughan: you seem like a thinker ... you know? you seem to always be deep in thought. tell me something, what are you thinking right now?

karl: i was thinking i might oughter take some more of these potaters home with me.

vaughan: well, how about before that?

karl: let me think ... before that, i was thinkin' i could use me another six or eight cans of that potted meat, you got any extry.


doyle: believe in the bible, do ya karl?

karl: i don't understand all of it, but i reckon i understand a good deal of it.

doyle: well, i can't understand none of it. this one begat that one and that one begat this one, and lo and behold someone says some sh*t to someone else ... hey, just how retarded are you?


frank childers: i told you i ain't got no boy, now why don't you get on outta here and let me be. you ain't no kin to me.

karl: [after a pause] i learned to read some. i read the bible quite a bit. i can't understand all of it, but i reckon i understand a good deal of it. them stories you and mama told me ain't in there. you ought not done that to your boy. i studied on killing you. studied on it quite a bit. but i reckon there ain't no need for it if all you're gonna do is sit there in that chair. you'll be dead soon enough and the world'll be shut of ya. you ought not killed my little brother, he should've had a chance to grow up. he woulda had fun some time.

*** here's the million dollar question, and if anyone has a theory, i'd appreciate you letting me know. smockdaddy and i have argued the point and never come to an karl says his "goodbyes" to vaughan, linda and frank, they each say "karl?" as he walks away. what is the significance in this?

smockdaddy and i went to iron chef winner tim love's the lonesome dove western bistro in fort worth last night in celebration of our 16th wedding anniversary. and let me tell you, you'd slap your own mama for seconds of anything on their menu.

we had the rabbit-rattlesnake sausage and kangaroo nachos for the first course. i opted out of the kangaroo (the smock has to draw the line SOMEWHERE), but smockdaddy lurved it. i had the butter lettuce & applewood smoked bacon lardoons salad, while smockdaddy had the roasted summer squash soup with shaved gruyere for the second course. for the main course, i had the roasted garlic stuffed beef tenderloin with a syrah demi-glace and the cheddar grits (to DIE for) and my spouse had the 5 hour roasted goat with braised lentils. for dessert, the ancho chile chocolate cake with tomatillo anglaise. can you say, drool?

oh, and the chef sent a bottle of champagne to our table as an anniversary gift. CLASSY, DELISH and TEXAN. what more could a person possibly ask for?



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