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Senator Tom Daschle, Senate Minority leader, was the one person who held the liberals together to filibuster the Federal Marriage Amendment, thus keeping the American people from having their voices heard in this matter.

Sen. Daschle is leading the fight to use our children and grandchildren as guinea pigs in a grand social experiment promoting homosexual marriage. You see, if the people are kept from voting, then some liberal federal judge will rule that homosexual marriage is legal and throw out the marriage laws in 50 states. That is precisely what Sen. Daschle is trying to do. He is willing to sacrifice our children and grandchildren to get the big money and a handful of votes from the homosexual activists.

Shortly before the vote, Sen. Daschle said that his office was not receiving any phone calls on the FMA. There will be another effort made to allow the Senate an opportunity to vote on the FMA later.

Just one phone call is all I am asking. Please make that call today. If the line is busy, please keep trying until you get through. Ask why he is unwilling to allow your Senator to vote on this matter.

Sen. Daschle's number is 1-202-224-2321. If that number is busy, call 1-202-224-5556. His fax number is 202-224-6603. Those numbers go straight into his office.Please be kind and polite, but firm.

Thanks for caring.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association


btw: you'll be directed to his voicemail. please leave a "kind but firm" message with a callback number. it lends validity to your call and lets them know where the calls are coming from, too.

i'll freak positive if someone calls me back -- of course, i'm not holding my breath.

Called, got through to a person, was informed that he is not filibustering it and that he did allow it to come to a vote.


oh, they're so full of beans!

but, thanks for calling!



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