Pretty Shoe Tuesday

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I love Lily Pulitzer shoes. I love to look at the whole Lily Pulitzer catalog, because it makes me think that I might actually be able to look like those preppy people in the Hamptons eating watercress sandwiches at a table on the grass under century old trees and catching up on the gossip and Muffy and Biff and their children. In other words, a complete fantasy world, radically divorced from the reality of my own life.

But you'll not find a pair of shoes more classy, classic OR sexy than these. 'Course they're also out of my price range, but......


But you know what? Here are the shoes I really want. Now these are the boots from that old song, "These boots are made for walkin'......."

Yee haw!



first pair, fab. second pair? blinkblink. wheels clicking. blinkblink.



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