i know i'm not supposed to laugh

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...but doesn't this sound a little too much like that "burning hot coffee in the lap" stupidity a few years back?

"A serious case of laptop burn was reported in a letter published in a medical journal two years ago after a 50-year-old man burned his penis while using a laptop balanced on his legs for an hour, despite wearing trousers and underpants."

my advice: if it's hot, MOVE it, numbnuts!

in any case, brother bloggers should beware of blogging on laptops.

POSTSCRIPT: only because i'm feeling a bit randy today, visit selkie's.


LOL at your use of the word "numbnuts". In this case, it's literal!

I'm going to have to write another food post quickly so that title isn't the first thing people see! (I went back and forth and back and forth about whether it was too rude.)



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