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you're in a thrash metal band called "damageplan" which proudly glorifies anger, drugs and violence with hit songs like "cold blooded," "blunt force trauma" and "f*ck you." you've surrounded yourself with toxic fans, play in seedy clubs and you call yourself "dimebag." the surprise that you're the victim of a violent shooting death comes from .... where?



Well, since he's been around over a decade and has huge amounts of respect as being one of the best metal guitarist of all time, I think it is pretty unbelieveable. I listened to Pantera and Damageplan and I never have had a violent urge. Just because one nutjob freaks out, doesn't mean metal is bad. It can't be any worse than hardcore rap.

mr. z, the fact you defend your stance by writing "it can't be any worse than hardcore rap" proves my point. ever heard of tupac shakur? notorious big?

The story refers to the group's "hell-raising music." Be careful what you raise. The powers of Hell are dangerous to have around, even if you think they're on your side. In the end, they will claim you.

thank you for your very profound insight, mr. dieterich.

Well, in my younger days, I listened to Pantera quite a bit. They really were excellent musicians. As for the lyrics, well, I wouldn't want my daughter listening to them today. Be that as it may, I'd suggest we pray for all their souls. I have a suspicion they'll need it.

i admire your honesty, mr. bill, and agree that prayers are needed. the smockmomma was a bit of the heavy metal momma herself in days long gone by -- of course, i was young and stupid. these musicians are not so young.



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