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TSO (link to the right) has posted a list of books that he got from Julie at Happy Catholic who got hers from Erik. The game is to remove authors who you do not have in your library and replace them in bold with ones you do have. Here is mine:

1. John Galsworthy
2. Shusaku Endo
3. Jon Hassler
4. Jane Austen
5. CS Lewis
6. JRR Tolkien
7. Peter Kreeft
8. Richard Russo
9. Mark Salzman
10. William Shakespeare


Wait a minute ... Shusku Endo ... what book did that author write? I've heard of the other authors but not that one.

Julie, he is a Japanese Catholic author. He wrote The Samurai, Silence, When I Whistle, and others.

We read Samurai in our book club. It is a historical novel of Japan in the beginning of the 17th century, when the missionaries were being kicked out of the country. It is an amazing book, and it will rip your heart out.

This is getting interesting. Now, I have had a net loss of four. I was going to say five, but remembered that I do have some Endo.

Ok, I'm going to the library ... although books that "rip my heart out" are not usually my first choice. The Japanese Catholic combination is too good to pass up.

is the object to enter obscure authors or common ones?


I don't know. I just entered ones that are fairly common in my library and that I thought someone else might have. If we go for obscure ones, then we will just end up with lots of bold (I imagine that if I started listing music history and theory authors from my library the next person would have to get rid of all of them). Then again, maybe not and we would find something interesting about our blogring.



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