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our dear mr. luse gave his two cents on the then-nominated/now-award-winning clint eastwood paean to assisted suicide in his post entitled now playing: million dollar baby, for which i thanked him for gagging through the movie so that i wouldn't have to.

but the critics of the critics of the movie have been braying that people like myself and mr. luse -- indeed anyone who is able-bodied -- have no right to judge to film concerning the merits of that particular topic. okay well, here is an intriguing review written by ruth harrigan, a quadriplegic attorney and disabilities rights advocate and her personal aide, author meredith gould.

"I want people to see this film even though—and perhaps because—they know the ending. And then, I want them to get angry…"

visit godspy for the full review.

while we're on the topic of the right to life, be sure to check out mr. luse's latest feature in touchstone, let live or make die?: terri schiavo, christopher reeve & the right not to be killed.


Dear Jesus Christ In Heaven. Please Touch All Mama's & Daddys Heart To Teach there Childrens Right from Wrong. Read The Bible To there Childrens. Tell There Childrens Jesus Christ Love All Mama's & Daddys. & All Childrens, & Teach Mama's & Daddys to Love there Childrens to. & Pray with there Childrens. In The name of Jesus Christ.... I Pray The Heaven gates Will open The Holy Spirit will Pour Out through The Nations, & Land. & Every Homes on Earth. Angels From Heaven Guarde The Earth & Protech All familys. In The Name of Jesus Christ...

The Fifth of the Ten Commandments
"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which The Lord your God gives you."
"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these'" (Matthew 19:14



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