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......from the article Lauren referenced in the comments boxes about Ebay and consecrated hosts. Please note, Ebay only encouraged this seller to take down the host because they couldn't verify the bids, not because they had some change of heart:

The San Jose, Calif., company has defended the auctions, and officials say they have no plans to prohibit the sale of religious material.

"We understood it would offend some people, but it's a legitimate listing. If it were to be put up again, we'd let it stay there," said Hanzi Durzy, an EBay spokesman. "We didn't pull the listing because of what it was. We pulled it because bidding got into an outrageous price range with no bidder preapproval."

Current items prohibited on EBay include animals and wildlife products, drugs and drug paraphernalia, gift cards, lottery tickets and Nazi memorabilia.

Later on in the story, this same ebay rep acknowledged that if someone puts another listing of a consecrated host up, they will accept it.

I appreciate Elizabeth and Lauren's point of view on the issue. They are both women with the courage of their convictions and good words to say. You guys should read their comments, and take them to heart. On this issue, I happen to disagree. I think there are companies that put themselves in a position where I simply cannot any longer patronize them. It's not part of a national boycott of some sort, it's just where I stand. I don't expect Ebay to change its policies for me. On the other hand, I get to choose where I shop. And I always, ALWAYS tell the management why I will no longer shop some place. And I always, ALWAYS let them know what would win my business back. I've done it in retail stores, now I'm doing it on Ebay.

I have followed more or less closely the sale of relics on Ebay. No amount of protesting by those of us "in the community" made one iota of difference in that fight. The emails I got in response to my protests of sales of relics--however "veiled" in the "we're selling the reliquary and throwing in the relic for free" cr** item descriptions--were basically the same as the emails I have received when I protested the sale of the consecrated host (which I did prior to deciding to leave, BTW. I just didn't post those letters here). Basically the same brush off. "Too bad you're offended. Don't buy them, then." Being a "voice" in their "community" has made exactly ZERO difference.

And frankly, if I quit buying stuff from them, but still maintain my membership in the community so that I can protest? Won't work. Any organization that can track member usage can easily discount the protests of those who are not actively buying and selling stuff through their system. I know if it were ME, and I got a complaint from a person who purchased 3 things in 7 years, I'd feel that the risk of ignoring that complaint was relatively minimal. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they ought to listen to all complaints, but face it, the inactive accounts simply won't get the respect the big time buyers/sellers do. It's just the way it goes.

Perhaps I am very wrong. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. If so, I bow to the greater wisdom of Elizabeth and Lauren. (And I don't mean that in a snarky way--really I don't!!!!!) But I don't want to do business with a company that presumes to make its commissions in part on the sale of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of my Lord. I just can't. And I will miss Ebay. It wasn't like GameStop to me. I liked it. A LOT. But I can't do it any more.


Dear MamaT,

I'm with you--or would be if I ever bothered with E-Bay to start with. We won't sell animals or animal products or Nazi memorabilia--and why might that be? The first perhaps because it is illegal, but the second is a deliberate ethical choice. A choice they can make about the sale of religious articles as well.

Well, I hope no one ever decides to sell something sacred to A* Q**da because E-Bay would find out just how wrong-headed their decision might be. They should be glad that they have only to deal with us "rabid" "funadmentalist" Christians.

No, E-Bay is there to make money, they have offended me from the very beginning by catering to some of the lowest of the low. They don't need my money, and I don't need to be offended, we're better off without each other.

Good for you MamaT. And I'm taking a page from your book. When I leave, I'm saying why, and I'll tell them what will make me return. Thank you, that's the kind of balanced, reasonable, wisdom I come here to get.



Well MamaT, I respect your opinion and your choice to cancel your membership to ebay and anything related to ebay. I agree that they just don't get it and I think that's part of my arguement. I know that if I told this story to anyone in my family, they would have the same reaction as ebay, they just wouldn't see what all the fuss is about. "What we believe is nice and all but it's really just a glorified cracker so why are we getting so worked up about it", I'm guessing they would be thinking that.

I'm just a little surprised at the dismay at ebay's reaction. They don't believe it's the body of Christ so why the shock when they won't ban those auctions?

Elizabeth, I'm not particularly surprised that a non-Catholic business didn't "get it" about the consecrated host--especially the first time. However, I think it is weird that when the protests hit, they didn't stop and think about what it meant to the people who were protesting.

Why is Nazi memorabilia un-auctionable? Because is it offensive to a large number of people. I think it is hypocritical of them to see *that* and not see how hideous it is to large numbers of people that they are selling consecrated hosts (and relics, too, for that matter)on their site.

But if there is absolutely no market price to be paid for their refusal to see, then what WOULD ever change it? If the answer is (as I suspect you would say, and I might even agree!) NOTHING, then why should I continue to do business with someone who doesn't respect my views and beliefs?

There are people I refuse to do business with because they support Planned Parenthood. I'm not a part of some giant boycott, I'm just not collaborating any more than necessary with the culture of death. They can't have my buck ninety five to give to someone who dismembers babies. Me alone, I make no difference. EXCEPT TO ME. I think the same logic works here.

I tried through the channels to voice my side of the issue. They have chosen a path I cannot support. Therefore, we're done. It's really not about Ebay anymore. It's about me.

And Elizabeth, please understand I'm not trying to be confrontational with you! I don't think that I come across very well in my words on a screen. I absolutely understand your viewpoint, and I'm more than glad to have you explaining your side on the 'blog! I hope that I've not offended you.

I am not offended, and I do not disagree that Ebay is selectively disengenous regarding the sale of Nazi memorabilia vs. our Most Blessed Sacrament, but I guess I feel likethis is something that is unfortunately not new. Not new to society and not new to Ebay. This is simply the first time they got caught.

Ebay has been facilitating the sale of sundry offensive items for a long time. But there are plently of stores real or otherwise that do worse. Take the internet for example. If computer geeks are to be believed the success of the internet is founded largely upon pornography.

People sell other people on the internet. Men can buy foriegn wives. People lead secret lives and destroy there homes over what they do and see and find on the internet. You might as well end your DSL service now for all the difference you opinion makes to millions upon millions of internet users.

Your voice in this community though still makes a difference to those of us who read your blog daily. I respect your view, but I disagree. In a smaller way you have a voice at ebay, or you did.

If Warren Buffet can't stand up to the AFA I doubt seriously that ebay will maintain their position long.

No MamaT you have not offended me. I'm sure my opinion is colored by the fact that I'm just starting to make money for my family from ebay so maybe I don't have an opinion that is unbiased enough.

Also, I have a bit of a rebellious personality and I think I bristle a bit when everyone expexts me to get on board with something (not saying you, but had some strident emails sent to me on the subject)and I can be a bit cantankerous at times. I thank you for the dialogue, I've thought about the subject a bit more as a result of our discourse.

Keep up the good blogging!



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