That Saturday meeting

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If you read us much, you know that on Saturday, Smock and I drove to Dallas to meet Steven of Flos Carmeli and Julie of Happy Catholic fame. We were very nervous on the drive over, because we were afraid they would be disappointed with us "in real life."

It was WONDERFUL! We have long been in awe of Steven; we just think he is one of the smartest bloggers out there. In person, he is warm, charming, HUMBLE, and loving. (And he has the MOST beautiful son!) Julie is like we imagined: open, funny and smart! It wasn't like a first meeting at all. It was like a group of friends that met regularly. No awkwardness, no hesitation. Good food, good fellowship. Laughter, followed by tears.

God allowed us to be together when we heard that the Pope had died. I think that was Providence working. Steven was far from home and those he loved. I think God and our Blessed Mother let us be with him. The rest of us could have had the support of our families, but Steven was on a business trip, and would have been alone! How very good God was to let us be with him then!

There were tears, and prayers (never let it be said that St. Blogs folks are ashamed to pray in public). I'm sure the rest of the restaurant was wondering what was up with those four people in that booth. But it was a miracle.

So, for those of you who read Julie and Steven, read them now knowing that they are the most wonderful people in real life, too! And if you don't read them? Hey, what's up with you? :-)

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on our meeting. The Mamas and Julie are really such warm and wonderful people. And Smockmama reminded so much of a very dear friend back in Ohio--Sharon, from whom I have heard far too little in recent years. What wonderful... Read More



Thank you for sharing this MamaT!

I am so happy for you all to get a chance to be together!

Dear MamaT,

You are exactly right. The strength of the company allowed me to get through the business meetings and obligations just fine and allowed me to wait until I got home to break down and grieve. That was a gift of the Holy Spirit, the Love of Jesus Christ promised "where two or three are gathered in my name." And I am eternally grateful. Thank you.



I am a friend of Steven and Linda and Samuel. I was able to be in touch with Linda to offer my condolences and support on the passing of the Holy Father. However, I was not able to reach Steven to offer him my love and my prayers. I am so glad you all were there to love and support each other. I am sure the Lord rejoiced at your prayers and love for one another in the time of your fresh grief. When I talked to him on his return he told me how wonderful you all are. I know that from following your blogs but am so glad you all fall into conversation so naturally in person.
I offer all of you my prayers on the passing of the People's Pope and pray for the Holy Spirit to be very present in the conclave that will result in a pope for the 21st century.

Now we have to get all of you out West of the West to the Golden State!

Oh, we'd love to meet you, Erik. Even if we are a little afraid of what you'd make us EAT.

mr. keilholtz, i'll eat anything as long as it's served with meat 'n potatoes. or is slathered in butter and/or gravy. and never fell from a bush or a tree. and never lived in the ocean. and isn't green. or purple. or asian (unless it's mongolian which is yummy). and doesn't have a face or other apparent appendages while it's on the plate.

Wow, Smock. That cut's down on what I can serve you when I have y'all over to dinner.

I'll have to do some thinking. Typical American 1950s fare -- that's a culinary challenge I've yet to master.

Shucks, there goes pikcled manatee head served with kimchee and lettuce!

It's OK, I can come up with something that fits those rules (like arista (pork loin, larded with pancetta, garlic and rosemary and roasted over a hardwood fire) and roasted potatoes. Yum. No, double yum. That's soul food!).

Of course the best accompaniment to arista is short braised lacinato kale, which is green with hints of purple, but we serve it on the side.

have smockbib, will travel.

Erik, we need to talk at some point. You seem to have a greater command of rustic Italian cooking than I do. Not that mine is particularly vast, as I'm relatively new to it.

But man does that sound good.


Where do you live? If it is one of the Western states, then we have to have you over for dinner. If not, feel free to ask any questions and I will answer. In the meanwhile, check out any of Paul Bertolli's books, Chez Panisse Cooking in particular. That man breathes rustic Italian cooking. I am really not fit to tie his sandals when it comes to the kitchen.

flam lives near the mamas, so you mr. keilhotz, will just have to c'mon down to "TEXAS is the best!" and feed us.

Yep, I live in N. Texas, near the Mamas. We attend the same parish.

So until you head out here, or we head out there (I'll be heading to the W. Coast in late May), we'll just have to keep this by email and comment box.

Although, I have been giving some thought to moving to Italy. That would be equally inconvenient for all. But what a dinner party we could have! Oh the wine!

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about moving to Italy (or a week that goes by that I don't look up the real estate listings in Rome). Right now we are staying put for the moment, but the first real opportunity that comes along, it's "ciao tutti."

So if you move to somewhere within the area defined by Napoli to the South and Firenze to the North (I am fairly provincial, but I would drive as far as those places. Beyond that would take some logistics, and then (if it were North) I would have to remember how to yodel, and then Melanie would want to go up to Germany or (God Forbid) France to visit friends, and that would make me grumpy (just because I am half German doesn't mean that I like to hang out with my Volk!), so if you do move to Italy, stay within the civilized parts).

Until then, visiting Texas might be a lot of fun, but I have many more contacts in South Texas and San Antonio. I think Melanie might still have some family in the Decatur area, but I am not sure.

Decatur is where my sisterM just moved!

If you came to TX, we might make a road trip to see you, wherever you managed to land.....

San Antonio is nice.....

It's been said every Texan has two hometowns: Where he was born, and San Antonio....

sanantonio would be fine, but not until fall. i cannot -- i repeat, cannot -- make a sanantonio trip in summer. too hot. oh yeah, an' the twins will be here by then.

My family has eaten Erik's cooking (yummy!) and slept in his living room. The wondrous Amalia entertained Bethany with her Wiggles tapes. Erik served up a simple chicken risotto with a tossed salad and some very nice wine, and I sampled many of his liquers as well. I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever in the region.
I also would like to extend an open invitation to all of St Blogs to visit if you are ever in the region of Northern New England.
Last year when I visited Mr. Luse, he served fresh squeezed juice from his heirloom citrus trees. Also yummy!

okay, get this now...iffin y'all ever make it down to the mamas' neck of the woods and mamaT is hostess, you'll prolly get lots of yummy home cookin'. if the smock is entertaining, well, you get to choose your favorite restaurant, howzat?

Word from a friend of mine is that the online real estate listings are property flips by corporations at grossly inflated prices.

He recommends renting a place over there for a while, in the area you want to live, and getting to know the locals. They'll tip you off as to a good place if they like you, and you're less likely to get ripped off.

Me, I'd like to live near Lago d'Albano. 30 south of Rome, but you'd never know it from the weather, the traffic (what traffic), and the vinyards.

Until then, my humble casa is open here in N. Texas.

Erik, I'll try to email you in the next week or two. I'm heading out to the West Coast in May. Perhaps we can meet up then.

Oh yeah, I know about the online real estate market. I only look to get a general idea, using those listings as a marker. I have a friend in Rome (as well as relatives in the Pisa area), for when we really get serious.

While I tend to always think of Italy as being the place between Rome and Piedmont, the area immediately south is lovely. Even as you approach Napoli, it is quite charming, with lots of interesting agricultural products.

The sooner you let me know about when you are coming, the better, as I will make sure to write your arrival in my calendar and to make plans. April is the craziest month for us, but May can get pretty hectic, too. I would love to have you over.



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