fornicating like rabbits, existing like ostriches

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"the latest plastic surgery craze is virginity restoration. for $2000-5000, surgeons are rebuilding women's hymens... most patients are from cultures that expect brides to be virgins, but some women are having the surgery as a romantic gesture to their partners. 'what an awesome gift to give the man in my life who deserves everthing,' said jeannette yarborough."

don't people see the irony in all of their idiocy? we know that virginity is "an awesome gift to give the man in my life who deserves everthing" and yet we refuse to save it for them. instead, we'll writhe in our carnality and when we're through, we'll make artificial virginity.

it's like the birth control pill that now keeps women from menstruating for up to three or four months, since science has found that women who have fewer periods are generally healthier. forget the wonderful benefits of co-creating a human soul, just pop another pill and pop your head in the sand.


what an awesome gift to give the man in my life who deserves everthing...

Everything except the privilege of being her first.

But don't you see? This way you can give every man the privilege of being first!


WHAT IS THIS!!??!! A new wedding anniversary present? Geez!! Have people not figured out that virginity is a matter of experience, not physicality? (Oooo, new word!) I'm confused! I thought today's generation was downright proud of their mulitple partner experiences.

The "Enlightenment" seems to have created a lot of idiocy.

I would have thought that having lots of babies would decrease the number of periods pretty well!

I thought the feminist movement was supposed to stop women from making themselves in the image of men's sexual desires. Instead, thanks to a divorce culture, it seems to have had the opposite effect since women can't grow old gracefully for fear of losing their mate.

Well, an artificial hymen might fool him, but I doubt he'll be enamoured with your geniuine genital sexually transmitted disease.

ouch, lauren. thanks for sharing!

It's like any other tool or technique: these surgeries can be helpful or hurtful, depending on who's using them and why.



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