Fine Art Friday - The Letter C

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Which, of course, will stand for my beloved Caravaggio!

I first learned to love him looking at this painting over at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. It was this secular image that drew me in:


The Cardsharps

Then, during a Lenten series held at our parish, an art professor brought slides of many of Caravaggio's paintings and did a talk on him and his vision as expressed in his art. I was simply in love. So, here are a few of my beloveds. I am not including my favorite, The Calling of Saint Matthew because I have run it several times before.


Adoration of the Shepherds

The Conversion of Saint Paul

Saint Francis in Meditation


Saint Jerome

Note: that last is a true favorite, because our homeschool was called Saint Jerome Academy. A copy of this was posted on our bulletin board.


Makes me wonder where that Thomas Kinkade dude found the nerve to call himself the "painter of light."
As if...

Caravaggio is wonderful. In the St. Jerome, observe the two skulls (Jerome's and the empty one) with the Cross (made by the thumb and pencil) in between them. It's a little symbolic Crucifixion, a small Golgotha in what appears to be just an ordinary painting of an old man reading. Splendid!

Thank you for posting Fine Art Friday. I think I will be joining you in hosting a Fine Art Friday on my blog too. You have a lovely blog!

God Bless, Kathy



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