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why is it...


that we must become parents ourselves in order to truly appreciate the love and sacrifice that was required of our own parents?

how frightening and beautiful this circle of life is. i'm so grateful i have Christ and His Church to turn to during this time -- how do parents do it without the benefits and blessings of God and Church?

to get an idea of how wee our newest wee ones are, those are 0-3 month outfits that they're swimming in. the beautiful crochet blankie is one of the two made especially for the boys by mamaT.

thank y'all for all of your well wishes and prayers. every challenge we faced at the hospital was prayed over and blessed by God. being only 35 weeks at birth, by the grace of God, they were both able to come home with me at only three days of age. this pregnancy, birth and recovery all have been a miracle from the get-go. Deo gratias!


when asked "how do you feel?" i've given in to saying "like a pair of pants on thanksgiving afternoon." i never knew what it meant to be stretched to the limits, but now...
and if you're wondering what i'm doing up at three o'clock in the morning, you've never been pregnant. that's okay, let's just say i give whole new meaning to shakespeares' "let me have men about me that are fat" not to mention "such as sleep o' nights" (julius caesar).

i got to see him today. everything looks good to go, so tuesday's the big day.

for the first time ever, smockhub and i took the entire clan to see him. docA has never seen any of them since my six weeks follow-ups and he's never seen all of them together save the Christmas cards i send him and his office staff. (thank God for small miracles) they were very well behaved; of course, smockdaddy told them they must "be good or be gone." this little directive always works better coming from smockdaddy for some reason.

anyway, i told all of the wee ones that "this is the man who delivered you all. he gave all of you your very first hug." docA stood there in awe. all he could say was, "what a miracle! what a miracle!" yes. this man is catholic and i credit him with saving my life twice already -- i hope he doesn't have to again come tuesday.

he reminded us as we left his office, "God's already at the birth of these boys, so all we have to do is trust in Him."

thank God for docA and those like him.



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