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nothing but the breast

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i'll tell you what, nursing two wee ones in public is not an easy task, but it sure comes in handy if you want a private room in a doctor's office.

we've practiced attachment parenting to one degree or another with all of our previous children. co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, and wearing babies has been very important to the smockdaddy and to me. that said, it ain't so easy with twins. despite well intentioned advice from other AP parents who think it's a good idea to wear both at the same time, well, my back just isn't cut out for it no matter how well worn.

we got the king size bed to help with co-sleeping and the extra room has been wonderful, but as one daughter said, "momma, you're always breasting the babies!" and she doesn't know that half of it because she doesn't witness all of the nighttime feedings.

AP parenting for singletons is a sacrifice. AP parenting with twins is knockin' off serious purgatory time.

i hate mosquitos

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especially southern mosquitos cuz they're so blasted big, avoiding them is like playing extreme dodgeball, but for blood!

just remember that once you're over the hill you tend to pick up speed!


took the wee ones to see charlie and the chocolate factory today. there's something to be said about watching this visual feast from the first row of the theatre. i suppose it's as close as we'll come to seeing it in IMAX vision -- we cannot take the children to see IMAX films because the sound is always too loud (read, frightening for the younger ones).

in my humble smockopinion, this is a more mature version of the roald dahl classic and, if memory serves, much closer to dahl's vision. still, this film is indisputable burton; and although it is more mature with a burtonesque soundtrack (read, more eerie than the willy wonka soundtrack) and a creepier version of verucaís punishment via the trained squirrels ("don't touch that squirrel's nuts!"), i think burton took great pains to keep the movie family friendly. there is mild language, but it's said quickly [a la' the curse word in the wizard of oz that most people miss]. in fact, there is a distinctly pro-family message that is amazingly touching. i blame it on the postpartum hormones, but yes, during one scene i almost cried. as we were leaving the theatre, glynnis said, "poor willy wonka didn't have a family of his own. but, it's good that he found charlie and his family." she got the message and that's well worth the price of admission.

i made the mistake of reading a few reviewers who dogged depp's wonka, but i just didn't see their point. i thought depp did a great job. perhaps they disliked his subtlety. i thought he gave a fine performance. apparently even gene wilder has bemoaned the remake as a marketing ploy for nestle -- which is pretty hypocritical considering the original movie was a huge marketing ploy for quaker oats. i chalk it up to sour grapes.

iíve already been asked which is my favorite. i cannot answer that. and as a self-proclaimed purist, iím truly torn. all i can offer is that one is gothic where the other is psychedelic. and, i do like that we see wonka as a child and learn more about the why's of his eccentricity in burton's version. since this version has as many delicious and quotable lines as the first, it makes it all the more difficult to decide on a preference.

bottom line: we already have willy wonka in our movie collection. assuming a holiday release of the DVD, i imagine that by thanksgiving, charlie will be sitting next willy on the shelf.

amazing reruns



am i still allowed to contend that i don't do reality tv and that i'm not an amazing race junkie if i've started watching it in reruns?

in the words of our first president, "i cannot tell a lie, paw." i must admit that i'm a reality late bloomer. you see, i wasn't snookered into reality tv and the amazing race craze until mamaT started writing posts about the show on this here blog. the tempatation was just too great, so i started watching at the end of season six. for those who have actually been able to abstain from the craziness, there are seven seasons thus far. anyway, gsn cable network is now airing the amazing race from the very beginning - monday launched the first season; and so help me, i'm tivo-ing every cotton pickin' season! and, so help you, i'm going to chronicle my favorite quotes. here goes:

amazing race: season one, episode one
"gaw, there are a lot of bugs out in the jungle! go figure." ~ kim

amazing race: season one, episode two
"is there a chicken village? or a chicken museum? does that count for anything?" ~amie

amazing race: season one, episode three
"the only time i feel my age is when i look in a mirror. . .and then it almost does me in." ~ margaretta


i heard from mamaT. she and her clan are having a wonderful time in sunny CA. they were on their way to hollywood when we spoke. i also received a postcard from her via the muir woods national monument.

it ain't just in Texas, folks



tell America you want secured borders, visit

any hints, advice, or tips you care to share about nursing two infants would be greatly appreciated. feel free to leave comments here or email me at thanks!

gabby (2 yrs.), on the phone to pawpaw bill who told her that he would be coming for a visit: "but, my house isn't clean."

duncan (9yrs.) to smockdaddy, who was explaining FICA: "i don't think i like taxes very much. do you?"

grace (5 yrs.), after eating a large lunch: "that was so good! i think i need to throw up."

glynnis (7 yrs.) to smockmomma, who was holding donovan (1 mo.) in her arms at the time: "is he resting or just breasting?"

better late than never

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donovan and davis being babies.

the latest from the american family association...

"Homosexual activists are working to get other corporations to follow the lead of Nike. Many corporations are already donating large sums to homosexual organizations to support their agenda.

Sending a message to Nike will send a message to those corporations poised to support homosexual unions. Your email letter will be sent to Nike President Bill Perez and three other corporate executives."

click HERE to send an email.

especially when you're Catholic. have you ever noticed just how anti-catholic, hence anti-family, your medical insurance coverage is?

we've been insurance shopping for the better part of a month and basically there is no such thing as maternity coverage when you're looking for individual plans and crappy offerings (i think that's the technical term) when you're looking at health savings accounts. there is only one company that offers a rider for maternity coverage (for people who cannot get group insurance) and that is only available for up to, not to exceed $4,000 -- and i don't know about you, but that won't even open the hospital door for someone, like me, who has to have c-sections.

oh! but they ALL cover birth control pills.



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