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but apparently it's TRUE. according to fox news, the "miss sister 2008" contest will start in september on a blog run by the rev. antonio rungi and will give nuns from around the world a chance to showcase their work and their image.

Italian Priest Organizes Beauty Contest for Nuns

good lord, deliver us.

a worthy cause


please check this out and sign if you please. this guy is on a timeline, so make it snappy. thanks!

google is making me stoopid

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okay, maybe i shouldn't blame google because i could just as well be blaming for my very poor spelling habits. is it just me, or does everyone have to look up the same things over and over again these days? am i not retaining the information because (a) i'm no longer a spring chicken and my brain cells are aging, (b) i have a husband and six children to look after and if i try to retain even just one more piece of information, i'll lose something really important like my address or my first name, or (c) my lazy brain just assumes i can readily and easily retrieve the same information again tomorrow?

this topic may seem silly, but it taps into a really touchy subject for me. you see, as a person who is surrounded by a lot of really smart people -- not brainiacs, exactly, but definitely cerebral types* - it is very easy for me to feel, shall we say -- ah heck, let's face it, intellectually impotent. and because, when i'm on a roll, i happen to have a pretty darn good vocabulary - though you wouldn't know it from reading my blog entries, wouldya? - people tend to assume that i'm pretty smart, too. thing is, i always feel like an imposter. like, one of these days someone is going to figure out that i'm just a intellectual poseur and demand my mensa card be revoked.

i don't think i try to put on airs or anything** but it's the whole "birds of a feather" thing. because i occassionally sound smart and i'm often seen in the company of pretty smart people, others naturally assume i'm right up there with 'em. of course, they say that people tend to become more and more like the company they keep, so you should surround yourself with the type of people that you want to be more like. so it makes sense that i would fancy surrounding myself with smart wealthy people right? well, as soon as i find a lot of well-heeled people, i'll start hobnobbing with them, but for now I'll just be hangin' out with really clever people and keep googling on the sly.

* okay, okay, in point of fact i do know several brainiacs; but i don't hang out with them much because the feelings of inadequacy are just far too heavy to handle for longer than, say, a really delightful meal. these scenes are okay, cuz iffin i don't know the proper response or at least have some charming bon mot to share, i just shove an extra helping of sirloin into my face and chew until the subject moves on to simpler topics.
** you can bet your bottom dollar i googled that phrase.

smock's new bumper sticker



this is the new bumper sticker that i had made. the idea to make it began with my complaint that obama-nation is spreading like a cult in my neck of the woods, and that barack is enjoying, not just celebrity cult status, but freaky jim-jones jell-o shot status. and in a reliably red state like texas, too. i am heartsick because i personally know many -- as in too many to admit -- well-intentioned people who will actually vote for the man. God help us all. tired of talking myself blue in the face, i thought, heck, i'll just make a bumper sticker and let it speak to all of these wack-job so-called catholics who think it's okay to support an abortion monger like obama.

anyway, i put it on my car yesterday -- not knowing exactly how timely its message would turn out to be -- and i ended up giving away 3 today. i only ordered 5 because the process is rather pricey, but i'm consdering making more. of course, i'll have to edit them to read: never trust a prophet who supports infanticide.

you read that correctly. barack obama supports infanticide. obama voted against the illinois state legislation that required medical providers to give normal life-supporting medical care to infants born alive during an abortion. The bill was created because the doctors at Christ Hospital and elsewhere threw live infants away with no oversight at all. read more here.

recently i was fined "international fees" for placing an order online. i disputed the charge with bank of america because i had no idea the company -- which was based in the united states -- outsourced. while bank of america kindly explained to this ignoramous their delightful fee practices, i did some research on my own. bummer. ignorance should not be so costly. my final reply to bank of america, emailed today, is as follows:

I discovered that, while the company is in the United States, they outsource some printing to Canada, so technically the orders I made were international. I had no idea there was a charge for using PayPal "internationally" and I think this just might be another case of "Sneaky Bank Fees." I would certainly appreciate a "Sorry you were so ignorant about all of our fine-print fees, Dummy" credit of the charges. And, I'll be sure to note where all of my orders are being shipped from in future.

it would have been much longer. but, they only allow us ten lines of angst. pthh...

overheard at the smockmaison

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last week was the first week of school for the four oldest smocklings. gabby, who is five, is notorious for being a difficult riser. i said, "the longer you stay under the covers, the more difficult it is to get out of bed. c'mon gab, just hop up." to which, she replied... "i don't hop in the morning."

Henry Poole is Here

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Henry Poole is Here, starring Luke Wilson, George Lopez, and Adrian Barraza, is about a young man (Luke Wilson) who abandons friends and work to spend what he believes are his remaining days alone. The discovery of a "miracle" by a nosy neighbor ruptures his solitude and restores his faith in life.

The movie has the support of The Catholic Association, Knights of Columbus, National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry, National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association, Catholic Campus Ministry Association, Theology on Tap, National Catholic Student Coalition, and Life Teen. The movie opens on August 15th, which is the Feast of the Assumption.

haven't offered one of these in a long while and thought i'd tried to resurrect it just for fun. my stream of conscience smock5 questions and answers for the week are:

1. if you're only as old as you feel, how old are you?
after an evening of sleeping on the couch last night, i'll say about seventy-five.

2. speaking of age . . . do you still make wishes on your birthday cake?

3. do you still hold hands when you're out with your spice?

4. do you still serenade your spice?
i would, but he begs me not to sing in his presence.

5. speaking of . . . which jingle will you never, ever, ever forget, heaven help you?
though the times herald went out of business decades ago, i can still hear the jingle: 7-4-8-1-4-1-4, 7-4-8-1-4-1-4! call the dallas times herald classifieds, get results like you've never seen before.



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