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the smockmomma's new theme song is set to their 59th st. bridge song

slow down you move to fast
don't want the mornin' sickness to last.
kickin' down the bathroom door
lookin for crackers 'n feelin pukey.

do-it-do-do-do-do-do, feelin pukey

hello bed-post, what's cha knowing?
i've come to watch your ginger growin'
ain't cha got no relief for me?

do-it-do-do-do-do-do, feelin' pukey

got lotsa deeds to do, promises to keep
but i'm really drowsy and ready to sleep
let the nurses drop lotsa phenergan on me

life i love you, but i'm feelin' pukey...

chalk another one up for adult stem cells


Seoul, South Korea ( -- A South Korean woman who was paralyzed for 20 years is walking again -- thanks to adult stem cell research. The news is further evidence of the success scientists are having with the more ethical form of stem cells.

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please buy a bear already

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i'm still trying to get 100 of these adorable plush "Gotta Getta GUND" teddy bears donated to the children at Azleway Children's Homes. most of the children in their care have been rescued from homes of abuse and neglect.

the bears are only nineteen taters, so email the smock for more information.



my homepage has been updated for the month of november.

two words: fuh. reak.

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according to the sydney morning herald, a new zealand woman is breastfeeding her dog. "It's my life, my responsibility. I make my own choices," she said.

uh huh.

peterson was convicted of one count of first-degree murder for killing his wife, Laci, and one count of second-degree murder in the death of the son she was carrying.

now, just sit back and wait for all of the howling from the pro-aborts.

just out of curiosity...

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is "grrrrr, i'm telling DAD!" the reverse of "just wait until your father gets home!"?

mamaT rocks


not only does she survive hell, she also is extremely humble about her holiness.

now accepting donations

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hey y'all, i'm not a good "salesman" so i'm just gonna come out and lay the cards on the table.

i'm collecting donations of $19 to purchase a big ol' soft fluffy bear by Gund for the foster children at Azleway Children's Homes.

i usually just give money to good causes -- i'm the "can i just write a check?" kinda gal, but this year i'm participating in Azleway's "adopt a child for Christmas" program and giving them actual tangible bears they can cuddle for Christmas. thing is, i can't afford 100 bears all by myself. so....

for those of you who trust the smock, email me for more information. thank you.

arrested development

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season opens this sunday. gotta love it.

pip pip, cheerio and screw you

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forgive me, mamaT, but i just couldn't resist. i'm sick t'death of tea sippin' pansies pushing their pinko politics across the atlantic. who gives a rat's rip what these barrel-chested limeys think?

and here's a link to how the country voted by county. it's redder'n a virgin's blush!

the real coolmoe deal

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michael peroutka (of the consitution party) earned 129,842 votes for president of the good ol' US of A. not too shabby for a virtual unknown. rock on, mike!

bienvenidos a nino quinto de pansy



watch the two sleepy mommies for more details!

one of our readers left a plea for help after reading "killing wives," and it breaks my heart to know that at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced or abused during her lifetime. as a survivor of a seriously abusive relationship, my heart goes out to those who are still struggling in abusive relationships. speaking from experience, my only advice for those of you who are in these relationships is this,

"It Will Only Get Worse If You Stay."

none of the "summa mamas" are professionals. we are simply three roman catholic moms posting at a weblog. however, i would like to direct you to the professionals:

For Immediate Assistance:

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE or

National Center for Victims of Crime 1-800-394-2255 or

For Further Information:

Family Violence Prevention Fund 1-800-END ABUSE or

Dating Violence Resource Center

the following is too sick and twisted to publish at the summa mamas, but not at smock's.



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