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Queen Medb
Queen Medb was an Irish queen, and what a queen! She ruled HER WAY or the HIGHWAY. When arguing with her husband over who had the greater fortune, she got so mad that she called a war on a neighboring kingdom to capture a bull so that she'd be wealthier than her husband. She was impulsive, temperamental, and passionate, just like you. But try and be a little calmer. Read more about this fascinating woman:

sounds about right


Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

though it's missing the bit about ENFJs being humble.

thanking the sleepy mommies for the link.

it's all about information manipulation



...according to michael crichton's latest novel state of fear. this novel has the delicious pleasure of blowing holes clean through the "global warming theory" and other scare tactics used by environmental extremists and modern media fear-mongers -- wait, that was redundant. oh well.

i don't imagine we'll read or hear much about this book because it's so thinly vieled and it's going to enrage a lot of lefty-leaners, university "intellectuals" and hollywood types. it comes complete with nifty graphs, charts and footnotes. there's even an appendix that contains a very informative quote from margaret sanger that i'd never read.

my favortie "good guy" is john kenner if only because he has all the good lines. he is so obviously crichton's mouth-piece and he has loads of tasty "i wish i'd said that" lines like:

"I have a problem with other people deciding what is in my best interest when they don't live where I do, when they don't know the local conditions or the local problems I face, when they don't even live in the same country as I do, but they still feel -- in some far-off Western city, at a desk in some glass skyscraper in Brussels or Berlin or New York -- they still feel that they know the solution to all my problems and how I should live my life. I have a problem with that."

my favorite "bad guy" is ted bradley -- the environmental activist/actor who played the president on TV (a la martin sheen) until his show was cancelled. if you have a nasty streak for vengeance like me, the book is worth reading just for this boob's fate. just don't eat before you get to that part.

for those of our readers who prefer more high minded literature to techno-thrillers, buy this book anyway and hide it in the john. it's a very educational and entertaining read.

pray for the smock

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with marc serving at the midnight Mass, i'll be keeping the clan wrangled alone. while duncan and glynni will probably just fall asleep, grace and gabby are another matter entirely. with the benedryl close at hand, i've been watching for signs of sniffles all day to no avail. thank heaven for small miracles, mamaT will be ushering at midnight Mass (hinthint).

God bless us everyone!

please pray

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for our dear friend, SpecialK, and her special intentions. thank you.


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You are 30% geek
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Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

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my advice: pull a klaus and read the books.

maybe it was low blood sugar, in fact i really hope it was because i really wanted to love this movie, but i had a hard time staying awake. i adored jim carey, the visuals were chic and the music was delicious; but as oft happens when we attempt to adapt page to screen, there was something missing. something important.

absolutely not recommended for wee ones under six because of serious peril, several deaths and, as my six year old said, "it's LOUD!"

his name is conner

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something that rubs salt on the wounds of the whole laci and conner peterson tragedy is that laci's little boy is called "the fetus" - "the fetus" - "the fetus" by the press over and over and over. their blatant disregard for the fact that this baby has a name is repulsive and their overuse of the term just solidifies their stance beyond a shadow of a doubt.

"She said her thoughts were with Laci Peterson and the fetus she carried."

"...they couldn't let go of the fact that the bodies of Laci Peterson and her fetus had washed ashore..."

"...and one count of second-degree murder for the killing of her eight-month old fetus."

even now, after peterson's sentencing, "laci and her fetus are mourned."

calling connor "the fetus" is so sterile, has such a hollow ring to it. i've even met pro abortioners who maintain that abortion is morally wrong once a child is viable outside the womb -- which a baby in it's eighth month in utero very likely is.

of course, there are some news sources that refer to conner as laci's "unborn son" which is heartening. my embryo and i thank them.

yes, Christmas is a religious thing

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is it wrong that i'm starting to despise the term "happy holidays?"

why are all of these people trying to pretend that Christmas has nothing to do with Christ? even my own mother, after asking why we keep our tree up until Epiphany, said "oh, it's a religious thing."

of course, on the flip side i get it from radical acquaintances who refuse to recognize december 25th as the birthday of Christ or those who think i'm slightly pagan for putting up a tree at all.

i know i'm not supposed to laugh

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...but doesn't this sound a little too much like that "burning hot coffee in the lap" stupidity a few years back?

"A serious case of laptop burn was reported in a letter published in a medical journal two years ago after a 50-year-old man burned his penis while using a laptop balanced on his legs for an hour, despite wearing trousers and underpants."

my advice: if it's hot, MOVE it, numbnuts!

in any case, brother bloggers should beware of blogging on laptops.

POSTSCRIPT: only because i'm feeling a bit randy today, visit selkie's.

let's see if i got this straight

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you're in a thrash metal band called "damageplan" which proudly glorifies anger, drugs and violence with hit songs like "cold blooded," "blunt force trauma" and "f*ck you." you've surrounded yourself with toxic fans, play in seedy clubs and you call yourself "dimebag." the surprise that you're the victim of a violent shooting death comes from .... where?


it's just so ridiculous

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you would think i should know every trick in the book to combat morning sickness by my sixth pregnancy, but i don't. this is the worst time i've had of freak-out hormones since my second pregnancy -- first birth -- with my son, duncan. of course, this pukiness has everyone in the house giddy with excitement that this may mean another boy since the last three pregnancies (all girls) had slight morning sickness which was simply that, morning sickness. not since my pregnancy for duncan nine years ago have i suffered with morning sickness like this -- all day sickness accompanied by general lethargy. and i'm only nine weeks into this, folks. any suggestions that do not include crackers, ginger or drugs?

sitting in the ob's office last week i was subjected to a pregnant woman laughing over her belly, "ah girl, you know i'm gettin my tubes tied after this one. i already got two -- and that's two too many!" it made me cringe.

"was this one planned?"
"none of 'em was planned!"
"what do you mean?"
"pills don't work on me."
i wanted to vomit.

it's been awhile since i've had to sit in on conversations like these and i've forgotten how angry i get when i'm subjected to such bilge. and, what really rattles my ire more than anything is how evil is our birth control mentality that makes a baby -- a human soul -- an accident and a mistake.

it would be easy for me to pass these women off as crass heathens, spiritual maroons so out of touch with the miraculous that they cannot comprehend the miracle taking place within their own wombs. but these women are church goin' folk.

i'll gladly admit that there has been a smidgeon of a trend among a very small percentage of protestant christians, especially in the evangelical circles, towards less birth control and larger families. but all too often these good christian women who praise God for every blessing -- including the parking space in the front row at the mall -- and trust Him in every financial circumstance -- includig the last penny in her pocketbook -- will yank the perverbial rug right out from under the Holy Spirit when it comes to HER womb.

and nothing, but nothing, makes these ladies see red faster than my solid reply to their "is this your last one?" question. "that's up to the Lord to decide," i smile -- and the prim grin fades and the teeth start gritting. does anyone know why they get so angry at that one?

sometimes i get "well that's fine if you can afford them." and it's always said in this really ugly tone of voice down a pinched nose. is that really the prerequisite for co-creating a human soul? and what if i can't?

you know, it's incredible what people actually think is any of their business. of course, anyone who knows me knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what i really want to say to these women -- and i use that term loosely -- but i bite my tongue. oh yes, i do. i have to because inevitably they ask, "so are you catholic?"



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