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this posting entitled Planned Parenthood Opposes Women's Right to Ultrasound from the dawn patrol calling planned parent barrenhood on the carpet of their own mighty hypocrisy makes me giddy with delight. i take such great pleasure in seeing pp exposed for what it really is, which is offal.

A is for Assistance

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i've recently added a snippet or two to our fan site for our dear mr. luse of apologia fame. but, i need your help. i'd like to update his "adages" so if you have any favorite quotes from his site, please feel free to share them with us.

thank you,
fan mgt.


forgive me, but i absolutely adore this picture of our sweet papa ratzi!
photo shamelessly lifted from cnytr.

*in my smock opinion

looks like the green beanies are getting their knickers in a twist over the fact that regular folk aren't as freaked out about "earth day" as they are. see article here.

correct me if i'm wrong but there are other issues to be concerned about that are just as important, if not of more immediate concern, aren't there? say. . .national security? healthcare? employment? crime? education?

get this: The challenge goes beyond the environmental movement, said George Lakoff, a University of California, Berkeley linguistics professor who has written about how language colors political discourse. Lakoff argues that the entire public agenda has been seized by what he calls a "right-wing ideological political movement that's extremely powerful and well-funded."

a right-wing ideological political movement? now that's colorful language.

our "papa ratzi"

| | Comments (7) already drawing fire from "...Many rank-and-file American Catholics [emphasis mine -- what's an "American Catholic" anyway?] - as well as gay-rights advocates, womens-rights activists, and groups representing victims of abuse by priests - were disappointed at the selection of an unabashed conservative." according to this article entitled, Selection Greeted With Mixed Feelings in U.S.

really? you don't say. in america? hmmm....

''I would have preferred a more moderate choice,'' said Barbara Bowen, 56, a self-described ''lapsed Catholic'' [more smock emphasis] from New York... ''I was personally looking for someone who would approve the ordination of women [at this point, i simply cannot help myself] - that would be nice and progressive,'' Bowen said.

ahhhh, nice and progressive. i like that. isn't that sweet? that's what we need in today's happy go-lucky, wonderfully fluffy, feel-good and relative, gay, trouble-free world: a really nice and progressive pope.

bleh! i say, "sick 'em!"

habemus papam!

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and there is no recount!

praise be to God!

God bless Pope Benedict XVI

viva il papa ratzi!

i was watching this video tribute to His Holiness when our two year old asked, "is that Jesus?"

okay, i got the most insulting "large family" comment hands down this week. what's even worse is the fact that i've known this man, in a working relationship -- he's our dogs' vet -- for ten years.
while bending over and checking chichi's ears, the vet mumbled, "so this makes how many kids?"
distracted by our wee gabby who was planning her escape from the exam room, i said, "um, this makes five and six."
he shot up and groaned, "six?"
i smiled, "that's right."
looking me straight in the eye, he shook his head and said, "i can't imagine why anyone would do that to themselves."
i was caught completely off guard. i wouldn't have expected his comment in a million years. i said, "what?" with enough shock in my voice that any halfwit would know i had just been insulted and he had about a nanosecond to make nice.
instead, he repeated himself verbatim.
"i guess we just love kids," i said -- still in a funk trying to decipher his rudeness.
thankfully, gabby had wondered down the hall so i just walked out of the room to go get her.
when i went back inside with gabby in tow, the doctor reported on chichi's condition and made small talk. i answered in monosyllables, making it clear i wasn't ready to chit-chat because i was still trying to wrap my brain around what had just taken place.
i was so afraid of what i might actaully say to the man, that i had to wait until i left his office before i called his office manager from my cellphone in the parking lot and asked that the doctor call me back before he left the office for the day.

by the time the vet finally called, i had already spoken with marc and simmered down. marc said that our vet was an unfortunate idiot and he suggested that i not get overly emotional when talking to him or it would defeat my argument. thanks, hon.
anyway, i had calmed down so i told the vet very calmly that after ten years of receiving really good service from him, i was considering finding a new veterinarian for our three dogs because his comment about my family size had been so disrespectful that he'd made it very uncomfortable for me to maintain a working relationship with him.
he apologized, saying he'd meant the comment as a joke. i stuck to my guns and said, "your demeanor said otherwise, but i want to give you the benefit of the doubt, dr. ___ ." he then started talking about how family size is a personal matter and he shouldn't have said anything, apologized again, and said he had no idea that his words could have been hurtful.

are people really this naive?


i was considering a new bumper sticker for the smocktank:


it seems to me that His Holiness is ending his pontificate exactly as he began it, with the message "be not afraid." the first three words our precious Holy Father used to usher in his papacy were the words "be not afraid," echoing the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, "be not afraid, only believe." (st. mark 5:36)
john paul II has always stood as a beacon of light and hope, encouraging us to "be not afraid." now, as he passes from this life to the next, as he turns to Our Savior through Our Mother, his message to us is still one of light and hope. he reminds us that death is not something for believers to fear. how beautiful, how fitting, that our Holy Father should remind us until the very end that we should "be not afraid."

the dichotomy is painful

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i seem to be praying out of both sides of my mouth today. praying for many graces and much mercy for our precious holy father -- but i morph old testament, calling down fire and brimstone, when it comes to that bitter pill, michael schiavo. i hate to admit it, but let's face it, michael schiavo does not exactly encourage charity. Good Lord deliver us.



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