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100 trivial tidbits, part one

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i don't even remember the first ten tidbits, which have disappeared into the blogspot abyss, so i'm taking the liberty of starting over. rather than view this as the absolute height of vanity, i prefer to think of it as a pseudo-jungian exercise in self-reflection. if you buy that, i've got some property in west texas for sale; let's talk.

100. i like chocolate.
99. i don't like vegetables.
98. i'll eat carrots or celery, but only if slathered in ranch dressing. the veggies, not me.
97. i prefer mickey d's over booger king.
96. i'm a true meat 'n potatoes kinda gal.
95. i prefer baked to mashed.
94. i love TEXAS.
93. i'm only five feet one and 3/4 inches tall.
92. i have what's known as a "chihuahua complex".
91. i have a chihuahua. her name is chi chi.
90. i'm married to my college sweetheart.
89. i met him in an "honors ethics and moral issues" class.
88. i considered shooting him once, but i didn't.
87. i was a high school english teacher.
86. my favorite subject in high school was theatre.
85. my favorite subject in college was philosophy.
84. my favorite subject to teach was shakespeare.
83. i would re-name the elizabethan period "the dark ages" iffin i could.
82. i think people who drop "under God" from the pledge should be smacked.
81. florence king is one of my favorite authors.
80. i'm working on my own misanthropy.

yeah, baby

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A major television chain, the Sinclair Broadcast Group, will bar its ABC-affiliated stations from airing a planned "Nightline" tribute to fallen U.S. troops in Iraq, saying the program is a political statement disguised as news...Sinclair said the "Nightline" segment "appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq"...The network initially said the 30-minute telecast would be limited acknowledging only the 523 U.S. troops killed in combat since the start of the war in March 2003. But on Thursday, ABC said it would expand the program to 40 minutes to include another 200 or more Americans who died as a result of accidents, friendly fire or suicide. continue reading

smockmomma's letter to ABC News
ABC News' plans to devote tonight's entire "Nightline" segment to Ted Koppel reading the names of fallen American service persons as their photographs are shown is in extremely poor taste. This is yellow journalism at it's worst and most blatant. ABC has stooped to using death for (ratings) profit -- indeed an egregious violation of journalistic integrity.

ABC is a unit of the Walt Disney Co.
Sinclair Broadcast Group

no kidding! what a refreshing tagline.
please support decent films.


pray now: arinze for pope

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BOSTON, MA (4-23-04) - Today at a press conference in the Vatican, Cardinal Francis Arinze was asked if a priest should refuse communion to a politician who is unambiguously pro-abortion. He responded, "Yes. If the person should not receive it, then it should not be given. Objectively, the answer is there." There has been a controversy in the United States on whether Catholic presidential candidate John Kerry should receive communion.

YCV President Ray Flynn made the following statement regarding Cardinal Arinze's remarks:

"Cardinal Francis Arinze is a thoughtful and well-respected Catholic Church leader whose opinion is widely valued. The Cardinal's comments today at the Vatican reflect the view of many Catholics in the United States.

"I have known and worked with him for many years. His statement will certainly be taken seriously by faithful Catholics."

Ambassador Flynn is the national president of Your Catholic Voice, former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican from 1993 to 1997 and former mayor of Boston.

that's my show

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tvguide.jpg on the cover of tv guide!

can't get much more kitsch than that, now kinya? i love this show. it's a guilty pleasure, yes, but it's a pleasure nonetheless! i love this show! and while i thought mrs. vonhuben and i were the only fans, i was so wrong. apparently, there is a tasty little following. according to tim goodman of the san fran chronicle:

If the television gods have anything to do with it, "Arrested Development" will be the new "Seinfeld." Now, that's not a title to blithely toss around. But rarely has there been a comedy so fully developed, so presently overlooked, as to be exactly the kind of gem where, in two years and a billion magazine covers and countless paeans to its inherent brilliance, we'll all look back in amazement at the series' first tragically ignored season and think, wow, how did we miss that?

click here for the whole kit n' caboodle.

the smock5 senses

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the official friday5 site is down for april, so i'm gonna take a stab at it m'self. yes, it's strictly amateur hour here at the summa mamas today. and i'm in a silly mood t'boot. alas, humour me, s'il vous plaît.

1. if you could be a color, which one would you be?
2. if you could be a scent, which one would you be?
3. if you could be a flavor, which one would you be?
4. if you could be a sound, which one would you be?
5. if you could be a texture, which one would you be?


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i'm a little under the weather. prayers will be appreciated and reciprocated.

pop on over

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a lady's place

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in a recent post the lady in the pew mentioned the female's conference held this weekend at boston college entitled envisioning the church women want. now, my first reaction was who gives a rat's rip what kinda church you want? our pew lady's article didn't focus on female angst, per se, but it got my blood perking. and then wouldn't you know, mrs. vonhuben posted about jewish female angst toward tradition and after reading that article, my blood was full boil.

whatever happened to the good old days when women knew their place? well, when women at least knew that their place was not at the altar (unless they were cleaning it), not center-stage, if you will. and, as ms. clark so keenly points out, that is precisely what most of the hullabaloo about "female __fill in the blank with any church-related positions__" is all about. it's all about the "but, what about me" of feminism.

don't mistake me, i don't fancy that all women should be forever barefoot and pregnant -- well, actually i do, but that's a post for another mood swing. for now let me just make it clear that i don't have any pie-in-the-sky illusions about "the good old days" for women. i had a grandmother -- one that didn't mind telling it like it was either. i support fair treatment under the law, even equal pay for equal work. these were good ideals, still are. but somehow my mother's generation didn't know where to stop. not unlike a snowball rolling downhill, these women who bought the feminist notion got what they wanted, including good stuff like the vote, the jobs, and the pay, and the ick stuff like more cancer, stress, and divorce -- and still they didn't know when to slam on the brakes. and my generation is paying for it. this bizarre and frightening momentum built up during the ERA/feminist movements of yesteryear is still bounding down the hill, gathering momentum and knocking down a lot of innocent and unsuspecting women in its path. by the way, when did feminism start believing it’s own publicity and swallow the dung that women are a second class? and do you really believe that being a woman means being inferior? this woman doesn't.

i'm convinced that the evil one got hold of the movement somewhere along the line, and it was at that point that "the right to work outside the home" became "you're a goober if you don't." it was at that point that "we're as good as men" became "we're only good if we become pseudo-men." it was at that point that femininity became a forbiddance and wishes became rights. it's when i am woman, hear me roar became i am feminist, hear me whine. and satan doubled up with laughter as desire for fairness became hunger for power, a need for equal treatment became lust for control, feminism reared its ugly horned head, all hell broke lose, and then ...

women wanted to be priests. they wanted to take the Holy Sacrament of Orders instituted by Christ Himself and twist and manipulate it into something to suit their agenda. just what is that agenda, ladies -- and i use the term loosely -- that you seek with such vigor, such verve, such venom?

when did feminists decide that being a woman wasn’t enough? and, if they thought being a woman was enough, why did they start seeking male roles? who decided that nuns just weren’t good enough? why did these females start demanding that their female offspring be allowed to serve at the altar alongside their sons? who decided that jenny wasn’t worthy if she wasn’t next to johnny at the altar? don't kid yourself. the one who decided it was a bitter misandristic female.

what really bludgeons the hearts of our daughters, not to mention their futures, is the evil backlash against men in general, and young boys -- our own brothers and nephews and cousins and sons -- in particular. it isn't just about being "as good as men" anymore. oh no, it's about being better, being superior. as the article on the female seder (where women celebrated and young boys served them) proves, it's about putting males down and taking delight in humiliating the opposite sex. as one young boy said, "My mom and sister tease me when I go out there." it was wrong when it was done to our grandmothers, so why don't we see it for the evil it is when our girlfriends do it to their own sons? and do we really want our daughters with boys whose self-images have been belittled from day one? this mother doesn't.

if females getting their feet-washed or females serving at the altar or females becoming preists is about fairness or equality, i'll kiss your alb. it is all about self-serving pride and arrogance which is wicked and foul.

why do we let little girls serve at the altar anyway? do we want to unfairly plant the dangerous seeds of desire within our little girls' hearts? this mother doesn't.

the inevitable lunacy begins

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Straight Couples Kicked Out Of Gay-Friendly Hotel In Key West

The group, most of whom are from San Diego, was already settled in their rooms Wednesday when the manager told the straight couples they would have to leave, citing a policy of not allowing heterosexuals on the property, Pirih said.

The couples were kicked out the same day six same-sex couples sued in Key West in an attempt to overturn state laws banning gay marriage.


recent freaky realization

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i'm a "middlemom" now. i'm not sure whether i'm lugubrious or liberated; i'll have to mull this over before i can say for sure.

but speaking of "lugubrious" ... i like that word. it's got that same je ne sais quoi that the word "lachrymose" has. such beautiful words for downright funky feelings.

i'm beginning to wonder if this whole girl scout-planned parenthood compost heap isn't actually a conspiracy akin to "the little amazons" -- a training camp for future misandristic lesbians -- on the oblongs. you must admit that the girl scouts and planned murder--er, infertility, er parenthood? you've got to be kidding...the girl scouts and pp make awfully strange bedfellows. bedgals. bedgirls? bedladies. bedwomen, er bedwymyn? bedbugs?

wanna see if the girl scouts in your neck of the woods are supporting pp?

moloch must be grinning from horn to horn.

there's a new mug

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at A is for Apparel, the official apologia groupie shop. it features peony's new favorite quote from mr. luse of apologia: Don't uh me. When you uh me I know you're hiding something.



at Popcorn Critics. go take a look-see.

smock snippet

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in my kitchen this morning with my four-year-old daughter and a friend of the family (whom hub and i met in college):

smockmomma (sm): liar liar pants on fire...
gk: mommy, that's a bad word. you said a bad word.
sm: which?
gk: liar.
sm: well, uncle christian wasn't telling the truth, honey.
gk: what is "the truth?"
sm: quid est veritas? quid est veritas, claudia?
uncle christian: she takes calculus for a whole semester and doesn't understand a thing, sees the passion three times and she's speaking latin.

my sweet saint gemma



of course, Easter trumps a memorial, but i cannot let this day pass without sharing that april 11th is the memorial of my beloved saint, saint gemma galgani. i credit saint francis of assissi and my precious, though somewhat obscure, saint gemma galgani as the saints that worked most tirelessly to draw me into the Church. both saints bore the stigmata...which, in hindsight, reveals much about the pain of my conversion.

crucify Him

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have a blessed Maundy Thursday



as most of you know, all of the summa mamas attend an anglican use (of the roman rite) parish. kind john, over at the inn, posts about one of our sister parishes, right here in TEXAS.

ever wonder?



are the trials during Lent more abundant because, while we try to remain faithful to Lenten promises or tasks or the like, we come under stronger attack from the evil one, or is it that Our Lord, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, purposefully exercises (exorcises?) our spiritual muscles when we are most likely to look to His Passion for strength?

and, on the subject of His Passion, i was blessed to be able to see The Passion of the Christ again last night. it was a much more prayerful viewing for me this time and i caught several things i missed the last go-round. if you've not seen the movie, i still highly recommend it.

UPDATE: third time's a charm. saw the Passion again. if it's still playing in your neck of the woods, run, don't walk, to the theatre.



food 4 thought

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"the debt of gratitude we owe our mother and father goes forward, not backward. what we owe our parents is the bill presented to us by our children."
~nancy friday, writer



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