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The archdiocese of Boston actually called the church where Sin. John
Kerry was going to Mass on Easter and reassured the pastor it was OK to
give Kerry Communion because Archbishop Seán Patrick O'Malley has not
yet taken a stand. Thus Kerry received the Eucharist.

Your help is needed to stop this sacrilege. Please go to Catholic-
to see what is at stake.

According to Canon Law, a bishop not only has the right but the duty to
stop a grave sinner from committing sacrilege and scandal. It is
obvious Kerry has "gravely harmed public morals" (Canon 1369) by
repeatedly and publicly defying Church doctrine on abortion.

Sign a petition urging Archbishop O'Malley to instruct his priests and teach the faithful the truth.

saw a great foreign flick


that's actually already been reviewed by mark windsor over at popcorn critics. it's a russian film entitled "the cuckoo." to call it beautiful is an understatement. it's not a family flick but it's a good grown-up movie. if you make it through the beginning with it's very lean dialogue, you might really like this movie. and, if subtitles turn you on, do yourself a big favor and see it.

sun tips from the avonmomma

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Think of an 8 oz. bottle of sunscreen as having 8 single servings. 1 oz. is the amount you need to properly protect your body.

Apply sunscreen ahead of time -- 15 to 20 minutes before hitting the beach. It takes about that long for it to be fully absorbed into the skin.

Sunscreen has a time limit of about 2 hours. In one study, people who waited just a half hour longer to reapply it had a five times greater chance of getting sunburned!

Most-often missed spots -- backs of legs, skin at edges of the bathing suit, the hairline, tops of feet and ears.

A white cotton T-shirt provides an SPF of about 5, while a black T-shirt has an SPF of about 20. (And is HOTTER, too, but hey...I'm just reporting the facts.)

Protect your eyes, especially if they're blue or green, with dark lenses that have UV protection.

Moms beware -- 90% of chronic skin damage happens before the age of 19, so make sure your children are properly protected.

Don't forget to wear a hand lotion with SPF protection because even hands resting on a steering wheel are being exposed to damaging UV rays.

Don't buy into the tanning bed myth. Tanning beds are not safer than sun exposure. UVB and UVA rays are UVB and UVA rays regardless of how you are exposed to them. UV damage is UV damage, period.

kerry makes me wanna puke


if you agree, check out mr. hiss' post over at otto-da-fe entitled "Kerry's Sanhedrin Approach" -- that mr. hiss hits the nail on the head every time. yee-HAW, buddy.

just a little reminder

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Vote 4 Life
of course, a vote for smockmomma is a vote for life! but just in case i don't make the ballot in your neck of the woods this november, this informative pro-life website is the place to go if you want to view your reps' voting records.

smockmomma recommends

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a flawless glenn close in stepford wives.

be sure to check out the official movie site at

Democratic leaders in the Senate, including Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschale and Senators Charles Schumer (NY), Barbara Boxer (CA) and Debbie Stabenow (MI) have promised homosexual leaders they will kill the amendment. Their action would allow one liberal, activist Federal judge to overturn all marriage laws and make homosexual marriage legal in all 50 states.

click here if you'd like to write to your senators.

mr. keilholtz, over t'his ranty pages, remarks on two phrases he thought he'd never have to say:
"amalia, stir that with a spoon, not with the tiger" and "don't put the hedgehog in your mouth."

of course, as any parent can attest, it is not unusual to find strange phrases, and sometimes just strange noises, dribbling, falling, or streaking out of your mouth and into posterity. the title of this particular post is probably the ickiest thing i've ever had to say to one of my chitlins -- and for the sake of saving his/her face, i'll not admit to whom the phrase was spoken. i just thank our merciful Lord that it didn't have to be said in front of company.

personally, i have an incredibly low threshold for "loud" -- being an only child does that to you, i guess. you would't believe the number of times i've told the children "no more happy! you're laughing too loud." it sound more awful than it really is because we've sort of turned it into a family joke. come bedtime it's "no more happy now, it's bedtime. you can laugh again tomorrow." at least it sounds better than this one that slipped out once, "hey! we're talking to God here -- you can't laugh when you're talking to God." which we immediately had to admit was not true. ah, but what's a parent to do?

ever since i had to tell my son to "get out of that shark cage now" i've been promising myself that i'd start making a list of these little sayings, but i never have gotten around to it. it's a shame, too.

the world's oldest woman?

fashionably late as usual


...but if you need ANY professional printing done, visit mr. culbreath. pretty please.

i'd been having problems with allergies, like everyone else in the metroplex, for about a week. then, at high Mass on Sunday, we were asked to sit in the front pew (two of our daughters were the "flower girls" for the Corpus Christi procession). i don't usually like to sit in the front pew at high Mass because it's right on top of the incense. don't get me wrong, i really like the incense, but i don't like being right there because sometimes it can irritate my throat. speaking of being irritated, i get irritated with people who bemoan incense in the Mass. this is not my intent. if i were truly allergic, i'd go to a Mass completely sans incense.

i started losing my voice Sunday afternoon, and considering the situation Sunday morning, i didn't think too much about it. by Monday morning my voice was coming and going; Monday afternoon it wasn't much more than a whisper; by last night i couldn't swallow without pain, so i have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. but, that's not the point.

why is it that when someone whispers, "the universal you" feels inclined to whisper, too?

it was a teaching tool taught to me by my second favorite teacher in the whole wide world. if the class ever gets too loud, whisper to them. they'll quiet down so they can hear you. it's like leaning in to hear a secret. i didn't believe her until i tried it on my hooligans, er my freshman english class. it worked. it worked every time.

if someone calls our home and i'm nursing the wee-est one, i'll answer the phone with a hushed hello? more often than not, the person on the other end will whisper is the baby sleeping? ...pause.... why am i whispering?

since i've been losing my voice, my children have been whispering to me. even the one year old. they shout their normal decibels all around the house, but they'll adopt a whisper when speaking directly to me. it's more than a respectful hush we tend to reserve for those who are ill. it's really rather sweet and i'm not complaining.

i still wonder we hush ourselves around a whisperer. maybe it's supposed to be a secret.


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I hate quotations. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Study Reveals Condoms are Carcinogenic
BERLIN, May 31, 2004 ( - Most condoms contain a potent carcinogen, N-Nitrosamine, a German research facility revealed Friday. Of 32 types tested, 29 contained the cancer-causing chemical at highly elevated levels, up to three times what could be found in food, the study showed.

Study scientists, who conducted the research at The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, said "N-Nitrosamine is one of the most carcinogenic substances," as reported by the Reuters news service. "There is a pressing need for manufacturers to tackle this problem," the scientists recommended.

The chemical's purpose is to increase the elasticity of latex rubber, and is released when a condom comes in contact with body fluids.

source: LifeSite (click here for this article's page)

Requies in Pacem

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the first president i voted for, and
the first public figure i truly admired.
may God bless his soul.

this poor ungrateful worm

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just remembered how much she loves the Holy Spirit. our devotions during this whitsun week focus on our most precious paraclete, The Paraclete, the Holy Ghost. my paraclete? how incredible that i have my own advocate. he stands up for me? how embarrassing, how shameful, that my own spirit has become so cool towards Him and his affections -- and yet He interceeds on my behalf! what grace! my own sins that drive Him away, enkindle His compassion and makes Him long even more to return! how can this be? i truly thank God that He mercifully leans into my heart, so that His gentle pressing reminds me of the weight of His unfailing glory.

Give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, whereby we may have the knowledge of our God! Enlighten the eyes of our heart, that we may know what is the hope of our calling, and what the riches of the glorious inheritance prepared for the saints!
[Eph. i, 17, 18]

pop on over



to Popcorn Critics for smockmomma's review of TROY.

christian porn

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how often is the smock this ambiguious? i'm not sure what to think of this site. it's either a wonderfully radical idea or it's just another protestant snow-covered dunghill.
i want to think it's a good idea but i can't help but think martin luther is somehow responsible for such a site, but for what it's worth...



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