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Sweet Smock. To think that anyone could see someone as crazy as me as a superwoman. It is to laugh. Ruefully, at that. I only wish I were.

Basically, I just echo Smock's entry. It's a hard time at the moment--though things may be taking a tick upward. At this point, though, I'm more than a little afraid that that tick upward may be that "tick, tick, tick" sound you hear on a roller coaster while you are riding to the top of a hill, so that you can get an even bigger downhill rush!

When I was a young accountant, and was in the giant pool of new hires that got divvied out to jobs like so many cattle, we all wanted the "good jobs." (How we thought we even knew what the "good jobs" were, I can't even remember.) Somehow I never landed on those "good jobs." To sell those less than desirable jobs to us lowly peons, the managers of the jobs would tell us, "But it'll be good experience." And that's when I learned the biggest lesson I ever got from working: Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

That sounds cynical. And it was, at the time. But I still hold it to be true. AND good for me. I still don't like it much, but experience has taught me far more than the things that I LIKE have ever taught me.

So, what's God busy teaching me? That I'm small, and He's big. That I have work to set my hands to, whether it's what I would choose or not. That rest is important, and He can handle the world while I get some sleep. (Imagine that.) That prayers don't have to "feel" good to be efficacious and necessary. They just have to be done. That bearing burdens can be a glorious vocation--it's just hard to remember that when you're right in the middle of it!

We'll be in and out, though mostly out, I suspect, for a few more weeks. We love ya'll, and we hope that you'll keep checking in. 'Cause when the Summas come back, we'll be wiser, we hope, than we are now.

what the funk?

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in case you haven't noticed, the smock has been in a funk -- and not a cool one, as in funkY -- for quite some time; and not wanting to bore you with the details, i've kept away from the blog. but i figure that at this point, if i don't at least check in, y'all will all think the summa mamas dead ... or worse, just plain boring as hell.

the fact of the matter is that sweet mamaT is being pulled in more directions than a compass has, caring for family and friends, not just physically, but financially and emotionally, and oh yes, spiritually as well. that superwoman we call mamaT began her lent with a bang and is still able to muster the strength to barge forward. so she's still here. you may see her peek in from time to time, but as long as her sweet mother recovers and the few other "orphans" she's taken on are in need, her time for breathing, much less blogging, is limited.

i, on the other hand, basically got half way through lent and threw up my hands. in surrender? not exactly. with fists more likely, but it took too much energy, so i just exhaled. funny thing is, lent didn't seem to want to end for me either and, unlike mamaT, i just gave up. my mantra has become akin to "tomorrow is another day, scarlet." it seems that being the mother of ten month old twins takes a wee more energy -- and iron -- than i could have possibly foreseen and it's all terribly boring and i ramble. i'm trying to avoid the "poor me, poor me, pour me another" whiney complaining that i detest with verve, but it is ironic that i've slipped into the state of motherhood that i've always been so bigoted against. i'm sure there's a spiritual lesson to be learned in here somewhere, but i don't have the energy to decipher it.

with that said, we miss y'all. we're still here, but we're just gonna be the wallflowers watching from the wings for awhile. we know you understand -- and it's why we love y'all.

Being the list junkie I am....


.......I was interested in this list by Christianity Today:

The Top Ten Jesus Movies

Happy Birthday, Z!

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A happy day, and a sad day. Happy because today is Zachary's birthday. Sad? Well, a little. Because as of today, there is officially no teenager at Casa Southard.

And from here on out, my dearest son will have to be known as the ZMan. Excuse me while I go dab my eyes on a hankie. Oh, and blow up a few more balloons......

if you aren't watching GOD OR THE GIRL, you're missing a great show.

i'm really bummed that mike jumped the gun and decided against seminary, but i'm looking foward to watching the other young men on their journeys.

Worth the read:


Pope Benedict's comments on the Triduum can be found here.

It's a nice basic explanation to give your friends when they wonder, "How come ya'll are going to church on Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday?"


Seriously, I mean, do you really WANT to look like you squashed a small animal with your foot?????

...several folks have asked what i mean by "crunchy." i assure you this is not my word. i actually prefer "greenbeany," but now that rod dreher has popularized the word with his crunchier-than-thou diatribe entitled "cruncy cons" i think the word is gonna stick. but, i digress. in a nutshell, granola types are "crunchy" because granola is crunchy. get it? earthy people who gnosh granola, sip silk, shop at whole foods wearing birkenstocks, burlap and hemp, and who drive hybrids to their organic farms are "crunchy." not that there's anything wrong with that.

now, i am so not granola and i think being a crunchy carnivore is just, well, schizophrenic; but i do dig on attachment parenting, so i really like some of the shirts at granola threads.
granola threads.jpg
for the smock
for the smocktwins

check out the other advocacy designs from coolmoe to wacko at granola threads.

I'm buying this book.....

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.....based on this review by Christina Hoff Summers in The Weekly Standard.


And I'm buying it from Amazon, rather than a used bookseller (which is my normal habit), because any man brave enough to write this book deserves the royalties from my purchase.

The Summa Mamas have long been lovers and admirers of manly men. We should know. We're married to 'em and we're raising sons to be them. And in this day and time, THAT is an act of courage. We're raising sons who are chivalrous, dependable, courageous and different. It's not easy for them. Smock knows it with a 10 year old. I know it in spades with a soon to be 20 year old.

Manliness, as the author of this book knows and reports, has its downsides. What can be noble in man can also become petulant and dangerous, like Achilles, or angry and malificent like a terrorist. But manliness controlled by reason is necessary. Godly manliness softened by the femininity of a mother, and one day please God, a wife, is the path to fulfillment and happiness for my son.

I love stuff like this......


......for no apparent reason!

On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00
in the morning, the time and date will be

01:02:03 04/05/06.

in loving memory

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Pope John Paul II
May 18, 1920 AD ~ April 2, 2005 AD

Interesting thought....

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....from the Christianity Today movie newsletter:

Wenders, a German filmmaker, says typical Hollywood blockbusters do all the thinking for you, rarely allowing you to consider, for yourself, the subtleties under the surface. Wenders prefers a movie that "asks you actively to be a part of it. The blockbusters don't want you to be part of it. They just serve it to you on a plate and then you eat it and that's it."

It's the difference between fast food and a gourmet meal. Which do you prefer?

I think this is an interesting question, and the answer in my case is "it depends." Some days, only a Whataburger will do, you know? The same goes for me with movies. Yeah, I liked Lost in Translation. But some nights are simply Death to Smoochy times.

Movies are entertainment for me--and that means that lots of times I don't want to see something "meaningful"--which all too often means "sad and depressing." Sure Life is Beautiful was great--but come on! How many times can you watch Dad march off to the firing squad? Only once in awhile.

It's my contention that that's the big difference between movie critics and those of us schmucks who see a half dozen or so movies (not including numerous repeats of Bambi and The Wizard of Oz)a year. (OK, I see more than that, but I see lots of old ones via Netflix.) We are looking for the spectacle, the fun time, the "let's go out and eat and see a flick with our friends" evening. So we pick the cinematic equivalent of junk food, and it is good.

Smock and Zteen are in a different class. They adore movies. It is funny when Zteen answers the phone when Smock calls my house. They always end up talking about movies. It's a passion they share.

Me? I know the good ones when I see 'em. But often as not, I'd just as soon watch the "junk."

So, tell me. Come clean. What are YOUR favorite movies? Give me a couple of "gourmet" movies and a couple of "I can't believe I'm admitting I love these movies" movies. Dare ya.

Some people.....


.....have too much time on their hands.

But this was fun, anyway!!!!



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